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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 7/16/17

It’s July, so it must be time for the Third Annual Loose Nut hareless bash. Yes, we still follow the same map he handed out in 2015:

Scan 1

Loose Nut’s map

The pack was small but convivial, actually a good turnout for what promised to be a hot morning in Tucson. Here we are on the patio of Time Market on University Avenue:


On-afters (Candy Man was there too, taking photos)

For a summary of the trail, I’ll paraphrase the writeup from 2015:

… a pleasant 11-mile ride on bicycle-route streets with a beer stop at Bob Dobbs’, a Tucson hashing landmark, then back along a the shaded Aviation Bikeway to on-ins back at the Time Market.

What made 2017 different? Barbecue Cock’s Curse. She didn’t even get out of the Time Market parking lot at the start—her derailleur and chain got eaten by the spokes of her rear wheel and her bike was down for the count. Three hashers named Mike helped her load it in the back of a car, and one of the 3M gang gave her a ride to the beer check and later to the end.

But the Curse wasn’t done with her. After the bash one of the Mikes drove her and her bike to a bike shop so she could see about getting it fixed, where—in a different parking lot—someone drove over her bike and smashed the frame.

Yet to be determined: does Barbecue Cock’s Curse apply to bicycles or parking lots, or both, or to Barbecue Cock in general? We’ll see when she shows up for her next bash on a new bike.


Curse Strike #1

Curse Strike #2

Upcoming events:

No word yet on the August bash, scheduled for sunday, Aug 20.

In September, our GM Arthur Gash wants to get a group together to go to the Crank Wankers bash in Phoenix on Sunday, Sep 10, then to the Monthly Cycle bash in Sierra Vista on Sunday, Sep 24. Of course we’re hoping Phoenix and Sierra Vista bashers will join us in Tucson for our Pedalfiles bash on Sunday, Sep 17, hared by Arthur Gash.

October will mark the 11th OnOniversary of the Pedalfiles, and yours truly will be haring.

More information on these upcoming events is coming.

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