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“Hash Run” Not a Smash in Weldon

I don’t know … last time I went by a weekend tent revival, it seemed very loud to me, and I’m not at all sure the people who came to it had the “proper conduct expected for people who come in for the weekend.”
—Flying Booger

From the Roanoke Rapids NC Daily Herald:

“Hash run” not a smash in Weldon

by John Dixon
July 9, 2017

Members of the Tidewater Hash House Harriers make their way through knee deep water in the undated photo courtesy of Facebook

• Hash run held in Weldon

• Attendees of run did not show “proper conduct,” official says

• Town officials voice displeasure

Weldon officials harbor uneasiness toward the July 1 “hash run,” which had 10 Sycamore Street as a meeting point for attendees.

The weekend group in Weldon is a spin off and the worldwide group the Hash House Harriers, which bills itself as a social running group that’s a “drinking club with a running problem.” Leaders of an event, known as “Hares,” are given the task of marking a trail to direct runners, throwing in some dead ends and forks as challenges.

A web page for the July 1 event promised a “weekend full of beer, food, beer, giveaway, beer, trail, beer, tubing, beer…” that overlapped on the same day with Weldon’s own Independence Day celebrations.

“The hash run, as far as it was discussed in our work session (this past week), had to do with the group who came during the 4th of July weekend,” said town Commissioner Stanley Edwards. “I understand it’s been in the Weldon area at one point. People in the area had great concerns about the many people who came in and didn’t have the proper conduct expected for people who come in for the weekend.”

The hash run was part of the multi-day 19th annual Tubing in the South event organized by the Tidewater Hash House Harriers, an offshoot of the Hash House Harriers.

Weldon Mayor Julia Meacham said the town has seen several similar events in past years but expressed a negative view of this year’s.

“I went by the location over the weekend and it seemed very loud to me,” she said. “I don’t think this is the type of event that helps Weldon in any manner.”

Meacham added, however, that the hash run did not interfere with the Independence Day celebrations to her knowledge.

When the Weldon Board of Commissioners meets Monday on a long agenda for its monthly meeting on, the hash run will be discussed, as well as talk of other events past and present. A Garysburg church has requested the use of River Falls Park for a five night tent revival.

Edwards said, “The request had to do with having a tent revival on the ball field portion of the park,” Edwards said.

Meacham said the town has seen “three or four” revivals in past years.

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