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A Quilt of My Own

Pick’n'Flick’s sister Robin is here for a few days, and they’re putting a hash T-shirt quilt together for me. I’m pretty excited about it.


Pick’n'Flick’s been putting old hash shirts aside over the years. Actually, she and Robin are using backup shirts … they weren’t able to find the stack of shirts Pick’n'Flick meant to use. They’re around somewhere (we’ll probably find them as soon as this quilt is done), so maybe some day we’ll have two quilts.

I think the first hash T-shirt quilt Pick’n'Flick ever made was for Hasher Humper. She made one for Zippety Doo, and another for Upchuck & Die.* She’s done several embroidery projects for other hash friends. You’ll be happy to know her sister Robin is a hasher too … still a no-name, but so far only hashing hands have touched this new quilt.

When the quilt is done, it’ll have a binding (?), a backing, and on-on foot stitching. Here are three thumbnails of earlier quilts Pick’n'Flick made (click to see them larger). The models are Upchuck and Wet Toe Job.

IMG_2277 IMG_1838


One of Pick’n'Flick’s better ideas is to embroider the recipient’s hashing history on one panel of the quilt. Here’s mine.


I wasn’t sure how to describe my membership in special kennels like the Iguanas and the Fat Boys Athletic Club, so I wrote down “Honorary Member.” I mean, if you’re an Iguana you’re an Iguana, but somehow I don’t think it’s the same as being a member of your local weekly or monthly hash. And what about all the hashes I’ve run with as a visitor? There are too many to list, which is why we decided to go with “Countries Hashed.”

When the quilt is done I’ll post more photos.

*Without meaning to make light of it, I must note that Hasher Humper and Zippety Doo are now hashing with Gispert, and Upchuck & Die literally has the word “die” in his name. I can only pray there’s no curse attached to these lovely quilts!

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