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Love the Bash, Hate the Name

Just putting this out there: I hate the name of Tucson’s bicycle hash kennel, the Pedalfiles. One, it’s misspelled (although that may be intentional). Two, it repels outsiders (if there’s one thing no one jokes about, it’s sex with children). Three, it has an impact on membership, discouraging recruits who haven’t been exposed to hash humor (I’ve experienced this first hand, talking to bicyclists who see us on trail and ask what we’re doing).

When I tell people about bashing, I avoid telling them the name of our group. I wonder, do other members feel the same way?

Discuss if you wish; comments are open.

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4 comments to Love the Bash, Hate the Name

  • 3IY

    I love the name of the bash. To confuse Pedalfiles with Pedophiles is the same as confusing niggardly with the “N” word. They have nothing in common except that they sound similar. That is the beauty of the name. Pedalfiles has to do with stories of pedaling. Think of two popular television series if you have to. The “X” files and the “Rockford” files. Also lest not forget that bashers are hashers on bikes. Political correctness and hashing don’t always walk hand in hand. If a person that has a bike and wants to ride along on a bash thinks they are going to find a “safe place” to hide from “micro aggressions” they are riding with the wrong group from the start. And there are thousands of pedophile jokes. Google it.

  • Noted. Still hate it. Weird, huh?

  • I want to do a weekend recruiting event for our kennel and simply refer to it as a “Harrier” event and advertise it on FB. Do a simple trail and not even focus on beer but still have it available. I agree that people are put off by even the word Hash. I also do not want to call it a drinking club or get rowdy. Assuming the event is successful, the next wednesdays trail would be easy shiggy and we will invite the new comers to attend. The people that will want to come back will see what its about and then get a gradual intro rather then witness butt chugs and or ice blocks with dingleberrys.

  • Shakes, I hate to admit it, but in addition to you and me, our old friend Stray Dog has gone through a similar evolution in his thinking. When I interviewed him a while back he was trying to generate interest in what he was calling a Harrier club … hare & hounds without the emphasis on drinking & rowdiness. I did something similar with a “family hash” I started in Tucson 10 or 12 years ago. I think all three of us are doing this with new and potential hashers in mind, so as not to scare them off. And at the same time, now that I’m older, I find I much prefer my hashing less hash-like!

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