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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 7/17/16

My apologies for being late with the trash. NO EXCUSE SIR!

For a hot and humid summer morning, an amazing turnout: The Other White Meat from Sierra Vista, newish members Tonka & Pimento, Arthur Gash & Eff Me, Yoda & Appendage, Citizen 69, Flying Booger, the rarely seen team of Half Hash & Hashidick, and of course our hare Loose Nut.


That’s us at at the start, the Time Market on University, getting ready to ride a mapped route with the hare. Loose Nut likes to do things a little differently, handing out maps for us to follow. The astute observer will note the map bears a date from a year ago; that’s because Loose Nut believes in recycling!

Scan 1

Your scribe kept the pack in sight until it turned into the University of Arizona campus on the first southbound leg, then took a break to wait for the other stragglers to catch up. Gash & Eff Me soon left me in the dust as well, but Citizen 69 kept me company for the rest of the route. Apparently Citizen and I missed a short loop because we came on-in before anyone else. Turns out the pack took a short beer break at Bob Dobbs’ on the portion of trail we missed.

Back at the Time Market, I helped Appendage organize a rescue party for Yoda, who managed to get himself lost but tell us something new why don’t you and except for that minor hiccup it was a nice ride through some pretty Tucson neighborhoods. Thanks, Loose Nut!

The wise Pedalfiles basher will hang on to the map for July 2017 … what the hell, let’s make Loose Nut’s map bash an annual event!

What’s up for August? We have a hare, Bumper I think, one of our newer members. We’re still settling on a date, either the second or third Sunday of August, so stand by for the announcement. We still need hares to sign up for September and beyond!

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