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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 6/19/16


Flying Booger at the beer check.

Who knew the Father’s Day Bash was going to fall on the hottest day of the year (so far)? It’s 114°F now; about 90 when I started haring trail from Hi Corbett Field this morning; mid-90s by the time I got to the beer check; 104 when I got back to the start. A good day to stay hydrated.

The bash started at 9 AM: 8 would have been more like it, but it’s hard to find a place to get a beer that early on a Sunday in Tucson. The beer check I had planned was the Time Market on University, where you can buy a beer in a paper bag almost any time.

To get there my trail went north on Treat to Elm, through the nabe behind Tucson Medical Center, cut through a corner of the U of A, then west on University to the beer check. We had a really small pack today … no wonder, with this heat … but it was a good one: Wankers Aweigh, Deep Dish, a new harriette from the jHavelinas, Pick’n'Flick, and our grandson No Name Quentin, son of Nose Candy. NNQ was to have been named today, but here’s what happened instead:


Today’s trail: 9.5 miles

I got to the beer check and sat in the shade to wait for the pack. My phone rang. It was Pick’n'Flick. About a mile from the beer check, NNQ had taken a spill. He had road rash, and Pick was worried he might be getting heat stroke. My choice was to ride back to the start, get in the truck, and go fetch Pick & NNQ. My other choice was … wait, there was no other choice. Fortunately the entire pack was with Pick’n'Flick & NNQ at the time, so I was able to tell them I had to bail by cell phone. Bail I did, riding back to Hi Corbett field, getting the truck, and picking up the injured party and his grandmother.

In hindsight, NNQ was fine. If it had been me riding with him, we’d have finished trail. Pick probably overreacted, but hey, better safe than sorry. The original trail I scouted three weeks ago was over 12 miles without bad trails or checkbacks. Last weekend I decided to shorten it by two miles. This morning I decided to cut off a little more by making trail as straight a line as possible from the beer check back to the start, and that’s exactly what I wound up doing after Pick’s come-rescue-us call. I think the other three members of the pack rode the same trail, but haven’t heard from the survivors yet.

Planned on-afters were to be at the Wooden Nickel on Country Club. I hope the surviving three members of the pack went. Sadly, we didn’t get to join them, and NNQ is going to have to wait for another hash before he gets his hash name and joins the Booger dynasty.

Next month’s bash is set for Sunday, July 17. Loose Nut is haring as only Loose Nut can. As soon as I pry a start time and location out of him I’ll let everyone know.

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