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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 4/17/16

We didn’t have a hare for April until about a week before the scheduled date, when Is It In Yet? told me he and Deep Dish would like to do it. Great joy and a flurry of announcements ensued, and on Sunday the 17th we turned up at Capn’ Crotch’s house for a bash.


Capn’ Crotch, Deep Dish & 3IY (hares), Wankers Aweigh, Eff Me, Arthur Gash, Loose Nut, Subatomic Equipment, Flying Booger

The hares were off shortly after 10 AM, and after the requisite head start the pack rode off in pursuit. The first section of trail went through neighborhoods north of Grant, and after less than three miles we found a beer check at the Fort Lowell Pub, a thoroughly hashworthy hole-in-the-wall. We shared a couple of pitchers of beer with the hares and some grizzled old barflies in the outdoor smoking area. Here’s Deep Dish charming the socks off one of those hardcore Sunday morning boozers:


Arthur Gash & Deep Dish at the first beer check

Oh wait, that’s Arthur Gash.

Trail next took us to I Like Fat Chicks’ house, where a cooler of beer, and Fatty himself, awaited us in the back yard. So not one but two beer checks. Hares doing pretty well so far!


Beer check @ Fatty’s (far right)

The third leg brought us back to Capn’ Crotch’s house and the end, and from there we went to the Trident Grill for on-afters. Total trail was under 10 miles, one of our shorter ones, but it was a lot of fun and the hares noted that some of the neighborhoods they laid trail through were new to them. They certainly were new to me, and I’ve hashed all over Tucson the last 19 years.

Missing in action: Pick’n'Flick came to the bash with a laptop and homework, and babysat Capn’ Crotch’s cats while the pack did trail. Yoda and Appendage couldn’t make the bash but did show up at the Trident for on-afters, as did Master Meat Finder, who finally got a job and can now pay the bash back for all the beer she’s been drinking. Congratulations, MMF! Oops, almost forgot Fatty, who joined us as well.

I was supposed to remember some of the funny things that happened on trail and I done clean forgot. Maybe someone can add to this trash in the comments. Trust me though … everyone had a good time.

I do remember talking with Arthur Gash, who wants to start posting bash announcements in local bike shops. I foolishly agreed to write the posters up, and the first one will be for Gash & Eff Me’s bash next month.

Speaking of which, the next three months are booked: Gash & Eff Me are haring on May the 15th; Flying Booger is haring on June 19th, and Loose Nut is haring on July 17th. All are Sundays, with morning start times and locations to be announced. We still need hares for August and beyond.

On On, Pedalfiles!

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