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On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers

After a recent trail, while eight of us were cooling off at a local pub, our friend Master Meat Finder told us about the weekend she spent escorting a cookbook author who’d been a speaker at Tucson’s annual book fair. The author was Hugo Ortega, and he’d given MMF a copy of his new cookbook, Backstreet Kitchen. She had the book with her and we passed it around. Somehow the idea of starting a cooking club popped into our half-minds.

We decided to call ourselves the On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers, even though the only trails we follow are culinary ones. We cook and consume dinners together, once every other month.


On-On Gourmets Hot Legs & Pick’n'Flick, making paella

I’ve been posting our cooking club hash trashes on my cooking blog, Crouton’s Kitchen. I realized today I should not only post new cooking club hash trashes to the Half-Mind Weblog, but also link to earlier hash trashes, since some Half-Mind Weblog readers may be interested. Here’s a list of links to the older On-On Gourmet H3 hash trashes:

The names in these hash trashes may be confusing. Every member of the On-On Gourmets is a named hasher, but we use a different set of noms de plume on the Crouton’s Kitchen cooking blog. Pick’n'Flick, for instance, is Ditalini deMenthe. Not to worry, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

In the future I’ll post cooking club trashes to Crouton’s Kitchen and cross-post them here as well. I’m assuming hashers will want to read them here rather than at Crouton’s Kitchen, since most hashers I know wouldn’t be caught dead with a cooking blog in their browser favorites. And who can blame them?

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