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Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 11/22/15

There were only two of us this morning, but that’s a quorum, right?

Flying Booger and Wankers Aweigh met at Wankers’ house on Tucson’s west side for a loop ride over Gates Pass to Saguaro National Park and on to Four Points, where we turned around for Fred’s Arena, Ryan Airfield, and a return trip over Gates Pass before separating and making our individual ways home. Over lunch at Fred’s Arena, we talked about a post-Christmas Harriers MCH3 ride to Globe, when Nose Candy will be in town with a rental bike. Stand by for announcements.

So that’s what happened today. Fantastic weather and good riding conditions. A shame more of us weren’t able to get out on two wheels today. Here are some photos to make you feel guilty:


Perfect morning for a Harriers MCH3 ride!


Flying Booger & Wankers Aweigh, Gate Pass


Where would we be without iPhones?

Can you tell I got a selfie stick for my birthday? Greatest invention since beer!

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