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Great Expectations, Revisited

Several years ago, this bit of nastiness showed up on a hash club’s email list:

Ok, I missed my first hash run in Dallas over Thanksgiving and now I’ve heard enough stories to peak my interest. Actually I’ve heard enough stories to make me puke. Running naked through bushes, getting pulled in the middle enough times to incapacitate my friend, nipple to nipple rubbing, beer shots off some dudes ass into some girls mouth, macking and more. Both my friends could barely walk or talk, but all the talking they did sounded pretty damn funny. I live in Newport Beach so hook me up.

I wrote a rant about it, titled Great Expectations. My feeling then—and now—is that we should choose our words more carefully when telling outsiders about the hash, lest we attract the kind of “hashers” who turned out for the Washington DC Red Dress Run two weeks ago.

From a good friend in the DC hashing community, who contacted me last night:

Hey FB. I haven’t seen this discussed on hash-l yet or your blog. don’t know if it’s been a problem elsewhere or just a unique thing to DC. We had several harriettes roofied over DC red dress weekend. really makes me want to avoid big events … from what I know, one confirmed case of the date rape drug was found.

She forwarded the following message, sent to the DC hashing community by the DC RDR organizers:

Fellow Hashers,

We want to thank everyone who attended this year’s Red Dress Run for helping make this a very successful weekend. We had planned to take a few weeks off to recover and then check back in after the dust settles. Unfortunately, a very serious issue has come to light and we feel it necessary to address it with the entire hashing community at this time.

Multiple hashers have come forward and informed Red Dress and Full Moon Mismanagement that they believe they had been drugged. These separate incidents occurred both at BLT on Friday and during Red Dress Run on Saturday. Thankfully, all hashers that have come forward have reported that they are now safe and recovering, but that in no way diminishes the anger and disappointment everyone on Red Dress and Full Moon Mismanagement feels right now. We are devastated by this news and appreciate the bravery of the hashers that came forward to share their stories with us. We also
want to thank the hashers that helped those affected get the care and help that they needed.

We want to emphasize that we are vehemently opposed to all predatory and malicious behavior. As Hashers, we come together to have fun in an atmosphere that not only is welcoming to all, but is also safe and secure. Anyone who drugs another person without their knowledge and consent is committing a crime. “Roofies” lead to sexual assault and kidnappings. Any Hasher found to use, provide, or possess any form of a date rape drug will be permanently banned from our hashes, and more importantly, will be reported to law enforcement. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on this.

We have strived over the years to make Red Dress and all of its surrounding Hashtivus events a safe and welcoming experience for all harriettes and harriers alike. We work hard to make sure our venues provide event security, and that we ourselves look out for our attendees. We ask for your help in stopping any events of this nature in the future.

We want to take this opportunity to remind all hashers of some the resources available to you in the unfortunate event something like this ever happens to you, or someone close to you. Date rape drugs are commonly known as Rohypnol (hence”roofie”), GHB, or Ketamine. These drugs often make users appear very drunk, so victims may think they’ve just had too much to drink and may not want to report that they’d been drugged. For more info on these drugs and their side-effects, please follow this link: http://www.medicinenet.com/date_rape_drugs/page2.htm

Lastly, people who prey on others rely on shame and secrecy. Please understand, being a victim carries no shame. By exposing this horrible behavior, we hope to expose those who would perpetrate it on others. We want to thank those who came forward to shine some light on this. If you have any further questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can reach us at dcreddressrun@dchashing.org

Red Dress and Full Moon Mismanagement

Some will say the guys putting roofies in harriettes’ drinks were outsiders. Outsiders do show up to Red Dress Runs, especially big ones like New Orleans, San Diego, and Washington DC. But over the years I’ve heard too many stories of attempted rapes at smaller hash events, from campouts to away weekends, and I suspect the roofie assholes in DC were hashers. They’re among us, and we brought this upon ourselves.

As I’ve said before, please look out for one another, especially when the alcohol is flowing. And quit giving outsiders false expectations about the hash!

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3 comments to Great Expectations, Revisited

  • BURT

    Not much of a surprise, sadly.

  • I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!! For bringing this up! It has been a growing problem in many a hasher-camp (so to speak) for quite a while now… We do absolutely need to be more careful of the wording we chose, the stories we tell to outsiders, and be mindful of the impression we leave these peeps with, AS WELL as the character of those we share our stories with!!! I have been in hash circles of and on for 23 years now; and I certainly remember a time when the Hash House Harriers was spread “word-of-mouth”; and outsiders had never heard of us. That was before the internet, google, and other forms of social media. But in light of current technology, it still behooves us to be as aware as possible about the publicity our group as a whole receives. As a female hasher, I can assure you there have been times where I haven’t felt safe, or had a really creepy encounter with some virgin, (or hanger-on) with some possible social/mental disorders… I have no problem using my voice, and letting mismanagement know my concern. As women, we are easy targets given that we trust our kennels, may let our guard down a bit because we are amongst “family”. We need to take care of our own, as well as ourselves… To be aware is to be alive!!! I love the hash, and it would really suck if women didn’t feel safe anymore and the Harriet numbers dropped because of this kind of crap! On-On, Thanks for bringing it to light again…
    Hianus aka Angelica recently posted…Scheduling ConflictsMy Profile

  • Hung Jury

    I don’t mean to make light of this serious issue, but there is a very simple way to find out of a harriette is willing to have sex with you. This technique is so easy that I don’t understand why it isn’t used more often. Just ask her. In my case the answer is always “HELL NO”, but that’s beside the point.

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