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Notice What’s Missing?

Here’s a screen grab of a EuroWeekly story about hashing in Rota, Spain.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 9.18.45 AM

You can click on it to read the whole piece, but it’s so short I’ll just quote it in full and save you the click:

IN case you ever wondered, hashing is a brisk walk or run through the country or villages with a group of people who like to get out, keep fit and explore. There are just a few essentials: a good pair of trainers, a reasonable level of fitness and a sense of humour.

Axarquia Hash House Harriers (AH3) meets every second Sunday at different venues throughout the area, where members take turns acting as ‘Hares.’ This involves the Hare laying a trail of flour as it scurries through the countryside, followed by the rest of the hash.

The trail, which takes about two hours and eventually leads back to the start, can be walked, jogged, or run along the route according to your ability and inclination. To liven things up, the hares may even include some false paths and dead ends.

To revitalise flagging hashers, a stop for beer, soft drinks and crisps is included along the way. After the hash the runners typically head to a nearby restaurant for a late lunch.

If it’s your first hash you can be sure of a warm welcome at AH3. They will explain what the various flour markings mean before setting off. They’ve not lost anyone yet! In the summer the hash is shorter and easier and the quantity of drinks is increased to keep everyone hydrated in the hotter weather.

For more information on AH3 and details of the next hash go to: www.ah3.es

What I like about this short description of hashing is its emphasis on trail and the social aspects of hashing, and the friendly invitation it offers to interested runners, joggers, and walkers. Yes, the article mentions beer, an essential ingredient of hashing, but nowhere does the off-putting phrase “a drinking club with a running problem” appear.

When people ask me about hashing, this is the kind of pitch I give them. Unless they’re obviously wrong for hashing, I want them to come out and do a trail. I don’t want to scare them off before they’ve even tried hashing; I don’t want them to prejudge us. To me, this article hits all the right notes.

More of this, please.

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1 comment to Notice What’s Missing?

  • BURT

    While you may be right about it hitting the right notes those same notes would be considered the wrong notes by the packs that consist largely of people who want to extend their college kegger experience and squeeze their eyes shut while they stamp their feet and want to be in never neverland for the rest of their lives.

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