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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 4/19/15

The Pedalfiles Bash was founded in October 2006 by Tucson jHavelina hashers Casual Friday and Bimbo by Day. Casual and Bimbo served as co-GMs for the first two or three years, but then both founders moved away. Periodically, though, one or both come back to southern Arizona and we always try to have a founder’s bash when they do. The last one was in October 2014, the Pedalfiles’ eighth on-oniversary, when Bimbo by Day graced us with a appearance. This time around it was Casual Friday. Naturally, we roped her into haring.

Start was at Shooter’s Steakhouse, an old Pedalfiles hangout, not too far from which there’s a business with an eerily pedophiliac logo over its front door. Arthur Gash … who else? … was the one basher to notice it, and he stopped to take this incriminating photo.


But back to the bash. We had a very good turnout yesterday. I was Casual Friday’s co-hare. Bashers in the pack included Wankers Aweigh, Yoda, Appendage, Loose Nut, No-Name Bill, Captain Crotch, My Clit Talks, Stud Muffin, Arthur Gash, You Have to Fuck Me to Find Out, Deep Dish, Napoleon, Pick’n'Flick, Hash Jive, and Pearl of the Andes. Joining us at on-afters were Hot Legs and This End Up.

16590267604_44742e2e4c_o copy

FB & Casual at the end, coated in flour


Just some of the pack at Shooter’s for on-afters

After the blessing of the hares, trail ran north from Shooters to the Rillito bikeway, where Flying Booger went into stealth mode while Casual Friday laid a long checkback that managed to lure every single member of the pack in the wrong direction, even including Pick’n'Flick, who knew from listening to FB and Casual talk about scouting trail which way was the right way. Casual knows how to lay a convincing false lead.

FB, meanwhile, continued laying true trail west to Mountain, then south to the U of A campus and on to Schreier’s Sports Pub on 6th St, a new hash bar in Tucson, for a beer check. Arthur Gash wanted a camel on trail, so Casual obliged.


Gash’s camel

The second half of the trail led back north to Shooter’s by a different route, with FB once again laying true trail while Casual laid BTs and checkbacks. Total trail length was just over 12 miles, but the pack put in 14+, mostly thanks to Casual’s long checkback at the start.

Casual Friday, as one of the two founders and GMs for life, led the circle at Shooter’s, including the naming of No-Name Bill, who really deserved one seeing as how he co-hared with Wankers Aweigh on his very first Pedalfiles bash a few months ago. From this day onward let no Pedalfiles basher call him No-Name Bill; henceforth he is to be known as Subatomic Equipment.

Pick’n'Flick was our only mechanical casualty on trail, suffering a flat tire just after leaving the beer check. Fortunately, there’s a local bike shop just a few doors down from Schreier’s, and she was able to buy a new tube and have it installed. Better a little late to the circle and on-afters than to miss all the fun.

Hash Jive and Pearl graciously offered to hare the next Pedalfiles Bash, which will be on Sunday, May 17. Hash Jive and Pearl, who are Peruvian, promise us a true Inca trail, and that is something to look forward to … and to fear. Start time and location will be announced soon; keep an eye on the Pedalfiles Bash Facebook page for updates.

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