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PISS Hash Trash: 4/12/15

Members of the Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash House Harriers met at Tucson’s Greasewood Park this morning to follow Yoda and co-hare no-name Doug on a short but rugged trail. Thanks to earlier rain showers and lingering clouds, it wasn’t as brutally hot as it has been, but still plenty warm enough for rattlesnakes, and we were definitely on their home turf.


Master Meat Finder, Pick’n'Flick, Dead Fucking Blind

Alas, not a single rattler was seen, and the pack finished at a park ramada close to the car park, where we held our traditionally short PISS Hash circle.


PISS Hashers at the on-in

Who was there? You probably can’t make out everyone in the photo, but they’re all there somewhere: Half Hash and his sons Thor and Son of a Beach, CD and Tucson Slew, Wankers Aweigh, Master Meat Finder, Yoda and Appendage, no-names Doug and Linda, DFB, Pick’n'Flick and Flying Booger, and a returning hasher, Casual Friday. And dogs, lots of hash dogs!


Casual Friday, Flying Booger, Pick’n'Flick at the on-in

On-afters were at Rusty’s, where we were joined by Hot Legs, Deep Dish, and 3IY, and a good time was had by all.


Yoda likes his on-after burger tall

Next month’s PISS will be hared by DFB, and we’re moving it up by one week … it’ll be on Sunday, May 3, with a start location soon to be announced.

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