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You’ve Got Mail!

It’s fun to get mail from Half-Mind Weblog readers, but I have mixed feelings about this letter:

Stumbled across your Hash Rants last night, and, suddenly, I’d spent a good hour or so reading.

I very briefly participated in hashing in my town, over about 6 months, late 2012-mid-2013-ish. I quit due to some of the reasons noted in your rants: the constant worry of how to get home without driving while intoxicated; the cliqueishness of our mismanagement; and, well, basically, overall immaturity of some of the hashers. It was really only two or three key people I had a problem with, but their constant presence was enough to ruin hashing for me. It’s the only hashing group in my large-ish city, so…oh well.

Hashing has been on my mind lately because several of my friends have started to participate, and it’s come up at gatherings. I don’t usually tell anyone in great detail exactly what happened – just that I decided I had better things to do with my time, so I quit. I didn’t announce it to anyone, I just stopped showing up, removed myself from the FB group, stopped reading the Yahoo! group, and promptly unfriended most of those I had made connections with on FB. Hardly anyone noticed, and only one person even asked why, which just confirmed my decision.

Anyway thanks for writing all the Rants. I haven’t finished reading them all, but I probably will. There simply isn’t much other content on the Web about hashing, outside of kennel web pages. Certainly, almost no one writes candidly and openly about the parts that aren’t so fun or nice, as you do. Thanks for that.

It’s gratifying to get feedback on my hash rants, but this reader seems to think I hate hashing!

Sure, sometimes I rant about hash misbehavior, but I try to balance that by writing about what I love about hashing, and to pass on good ideas about haring and running the circle picked up on hash road trips.

If I don’t like something I see at the hash, I write about it, but I also try to suggest other ways of doing things. Sometimes people listen to me, most times they don’t. And that’s okay. The important thing is I’m still hashing, and expect to be for a long time yet.

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4 comments to You’ve Got Mail!

  • Ra

    “Not much content on the web about Hashing” ??? – don;t tell him about Hash Space and all the FB groups!!!!

  • 8 Yellow Snow

    Having moved from a hashing mecca in SoCal to a hashing wasteland in SW Colorado (with tons of unhashed territory), I do miss the hash, but as your responder stated, there are some things about hashing I do not miss. However, I was able to enjoy myself no matter what situations others created. And many relationships were created that have been very enjoyable in “civilian” environments.

  • I guess what I meant is that I worry I’ve left a negative impression of my own attitude toward hashing, at least with this one reader. Granted, he didn’t like what he saw in hashing anyway, and turned away from it. But I think I led him to think I feel almost the same way, which wasn’t what I meant to say with these rants.

  • Whorator

    G’day Booger. Don’t be too worried Mate. The bloke was disenchanted by the people at his Hash and I think your role in his disenchantment wasn’t as significant as you seem to think it was. On on forever. Whorator.

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