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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 1/11/15

The Pedalfiles started the new year off right with a truly shitty bash, thanks to hares Deep Dish and Is It In Yet?


Hares (center) & pack at Greasewood Park

Trail was a 10-mile A to A from Greasewood Park on Tucson’s west side. Yes, I know 10 miles sounds short, but if you rode today’s trail you know there was nothing short about it. DD & 3IY must know somebody, because they were able to get the rules suspended and 9 of those miles were uphill. Steeply uphill. Trail was a ball buster, in other words.

Halfway through the first part of the trail some of us were preparing to pedal all the way up to the top of Gates Pass, up this road:

steep hill

Fortunately for us trail turned onto a side street that was only a 15-degree upgrade. Somehow we all made it — well, most of us, anyway — through the uphill part of the trail, finding a BN that led us to a very welcome beer check at 3IY’s new house. After the hares left the beer check the pack very reluctantly followed, but the last part of the trail, the one-mile section back to Greasewood Park, turned out to be the downhill run, so we all came in together, followed shortly by two late-coming bashers, Hash Jive and Pearl of the Andes, who started after everyone had left and somehow missed the beer check.

In addition to the regulars — the hares, me, Wankers Aweigh & Hot Legs, Zorro, Loose Nut, Arthur Gash & Eff Me (short for You Gotta Fuckme to Find Out), Hash Jive & Pearl of the Andes — we were joined by some newbies, first-timers, and visitors: Just Bill (no longer a virgin, now becoming a regular), 58 & Accounting, Just Pete, Cap’n Crotch, My Clit Talks, B Flat, and Victor Victoria. We were also joined at on-afters by Master Meat Finder, who couldn’t make the trail itself, so she’s not in the group photo. Some of the newbies, according to threats they dropped at on-afters, may even come back for more punishment.

On-afters were back at 3IY’s, scene of the earlier beer check. We had a short circle, then raided 3IY’s larder for a barbecue. For a brief time all the harriettes were in the kitchen and all the harriers were clustered around the grill, but by the time I grabbed my camera co-ed sanity had returned, thank Gispert. If we had a hash shit, B Flat would have gotten it for riding her fluorescent green, pink-cabled origami velocipede, which we all thought was the cutest thing ever. Everyone but Just Bill (which will be noted come naming time)¬†made it to on-afters. After eating all 3IY’s food and drinking all his beer, the hash went in peace.

Speaking of next time, and the next, etc, we have a pretty much open calendar. The Pedalfiles bash on the third Sunday of every month. The third Sundays in February, March, May, and June are open, waiting for bashers to sign up to hare. One of our founders, Casual Friday, will be back in town for the April bash, and has agreed to co-hare with me, Flying Booger. So April is good, but we need hares for the other months. Please contact me if you’d like to try your hand at laying a shitty trail.

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