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Hash Names

seven_dirty_words_thumbnail_blackAn interesting thing happened after I posted yesterday’s bash trash. The boyfriend of one of the hashers let me know he was upset I used her hash name in the writeup. I’m still trying to figure out if he wants me to delete it and use another name instead; he hasn’t answered.

Some of you would say “Don’t change a thing; it’s her hash name and you’re writing about the hash.” Most of me is in agreement. According to legend, hash names were invented to allow scribes to write about what happened at the hash without publishing participants’ real names. Even if that’s not true it makes good sense, given some of the antics we get up to.

But (and I’ve written about this before): sometimes naming circles bestow really obnoxious names. In this case, a name so offensive her fellow hashers hesitate to call her by it. True, I haven’t heard from the young lady in question … maybe she likes her hash name … but it’s bad enough I squirmed when I typed it, and clearly it bothers her boyfriend (himself a hasher) too.

A possible compromise is to come up with SFW versions of bad names. That’s actually pretty common. It’s also censorship, which I hate on principle. Damn, bad hash names are more trouble than they’re worth. They’re not clever and they’re barely repeatable, even in a hash trash.

Anyway, this particular situation is not yet resolved, so I haven’t changed yesterday’s trash. You can figure out who I’m talking about all on your own.

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6 comments to Hash Names

  • Burt

    Some hash names are just stupid, well a bunch of drunks conceived them. People should name themselves in the sense that they should do or say something stupid and have to live with the results. Hash names are alter egos. No matter what you do, that name gets the blame. Naming just for the sake of naming is part of the problem. In one case in the Gypsies a guy went for years avoiding a name and then one Thanksgiving after the Circle I said well you skated again and he said, “They’ll never name me ’cause I’m slicker than snot”. We reopened the Circle and he joined the Gypsies’ Order of the Sleepless Nights as Slicker ‘N Snot.

  • Totally agree. Hash names should be earned, whether it takes a single hash or several years’ worth.

  • I read yesterday’s post and couldn’t determine which you were referring to from the tet…only those that no one would ever have a problem with. Lot’s to choose from on hashspace, but who am I to judge. Oh, Happy Xmas, Boog. Come to England sometime or send your minions…the G-Had needs fodder.

  • teats deswamp

    How about the acronymization of Hash names? If we stick around long enough, it happens. I’m TdS, then there’s STFU (Carolina Trash)and you, you are FB, not to be confused with the social networking site.

  • Actually agree with Dr Slow Ride … I didn’t think the hash name was beyond the pale; we’ve all heard far worse ones. But then again if your hash name is You Have to Fuck Me if You Want to Know My Hash Name, you might not want your mother to hear it, and anyway, who knows what words might set someone off. Teats is quite right about acronymization, a common solution to uncomfortable names. We, for example, have DFB, a rich high-society lady type who occasionally slums with the hash, but who also invites hashers to her soirees, where we sometimes slip and call her DFB instead of Sue in front of her posh friends. Thank goodness we’re all used to abbreviating her name and not calling her Dead Fucking Blind.

  • PMS (probe my snatch)

    I think this is exactly why most hash houses allow for “re-naming”. Perhaps this Harriet is due for one?

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