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Tumbling Bill

This short article about the Hash House Harriers, from the Malaysian news site The Star, contains the announcement of Bill Panton’s retirement from hashing after 60 years.

Many of you have met, or at least heard of, Tumbling Bill Panton. I first met Bill at the Rotorua InterHash in 1994, then again at the Hobart InterHash in 2000. At both events he was collecting information on the origins of hash kennels, part of his massive H3 Genealogy Project. A year or so later I hashed with Bill as a guest of a kennel he founded, the Washington DC H3, the second-oldest hash in the USA.

In March, 2003, Bill traveled to Tucson, Arizona, and ran with a men-only hash I founded, the Pima County Traditional H3, which I’d modeled partly on the Washington DC H3. Bill is 4th from the left in this photo of the PCTH3 men:

100-0001_IMG copy

After the hash, Bill told me I’d done a proper job getting this kennel going. It was the proudest moment of my hashing life.

You can read more about Bill and his 60-year hashing history in his Half-Mind Interview. If you’re too busy to click, here are the key bits: Bill, who lives in Kuala Lumpur, has been a member of the Mother Hash since 1954, back when Mother was simply the Hash House Harriers, the only hash in the world. In addition to founding Washington DC H3 in 1972, he founded Bangkok H3, another traditional men-only kennel, in 1977.

Tell you what, kids, giants have walked among us. Here’s to you, Tumbling Bill, a hasher I truly look up to. I am not worthy!

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5 comments to Tumbling Bill

  • BURT

    Great man. I had the honor of meeting him in SF for one of King Rongjon’s Bday runs.

  • Thank you, Flying Booger, for sharing the article and the news about Tumbling Bill. I either followed in your footsteps or you in mine, meeting him in Rotorua, KL in 1998, and Hobart in 2000, then with the DC Hash twice while on work trips. I cherish the memory of him unfolding all the paper genealogy records he had amassed to look up things for people. He did a lot for us!

  • F. Stik

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us abreast, as usual!

    On On!

  • Whorator

    G’day Flying Booger.

    On on forever, Tumbling Bill.


  • Bad Dog

    I have had the pleasure of running two trails hared by Tumbling Bill, set from his house in Chevy Chase, MD. I would like to congratulate him on surviving 60 years of falling down on trail On-on,

    Bad Dog
    White House H3
    Washington, DC

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