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SWP Files: Case #14-164751

Another entry for the Suspicious White Powder files, posted to Facebook this morning by a hasher in Texas:

Incredible Edible Spread, from DFWHHH, also works at the Police Department. After a NoDUH hash she found this:

Incredible Edible Spread here sending out my hearty congratulations to Bald Head Yogurt Slinger & Just Bryan for creating a major police incident last night laying trail! I work for the Plano Police and last night was dispatching for the West side of town, so I didn’t notice a little Investigation call that went down on the East side. However I arrive to work this afternoon and check my email for our daily “Major Calls List” of serious incidents that are sent to all personnel. Because this is so close to our police station and City Hall and the whole antharax scares in the past, it made the list. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I’ve since emailed the investigating officer and the Supervisor to clear the situation up, and assured them I would give our “hares” a hard time. I told the investigating officer I was impressed that he managed to follow our trail without knowing the symbols, but had just missed his chance for a nice cold one apparently! I have not met Just Bryan, but I smell a hash name having just been earned!

Major Calls:
14-164751 Investigation 1520 Ave K (City of Plano) White male throwing white powder on ground and on property from a brown bag. PD followed “trail” to top level parking garage at Eastside Village. Unable to locate subject.

Here are the notes from the 911 call:
9/22/2014 19:32:14 white male outside of the building throwing a white powder on the ground
9/22/2014 19:32:33 has thrown it all over the parking lot and around the trees on the property
9/22/2014 19:32:56 early – mid 30s dark blue shirt light blue pants dark baseball cap
9/22/2014 19:33:11 male is looking over his shoulders as he does it and walking very fast
9/22/2014 19:33:29 powder is in a big brown paper bag
9/22/2014 19:33:56 last seen crossing the street by Eastside Village throwing it around that building
9/22/2014 19:59:35 Officer Newton- Eastside Village / on foot top level of parking garage

I read the officers report which states the following:
Newton 1766 – I followed his powder trail all the way up to the top level parking garage at Eastside Village. It ended there and “BN” was layed out in powder. Subject possibly a resident because the trail went through a locked gate. Unable to locate subject.

There is nothing I can add to make this any funnier than it is.

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