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Look But Don’t Touch

This PSA has been running the rounds on Facebook and Twitter (though not, it seems, on Hash-L or HashSpace). I’ll give it a push by reposting it here (if it’s hard to read, click on it to view it full-size on Flickr):

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 7.37.40 AM

Anyone who has read my rants over the years knows I’ve addressed this subject again and again.

I used to think there was a special trust between hashers; you know, the kind of trust where if you’re at a special hash event, out of the public eye, men and women can get naked together in a hot tub or whatever without sexual pressure, harassment, touching, or rape.

I haven’t heard of any rapes at hash events, but the rest of it happens on a regular basis. Some frat boy type gets a boner and starts squeezing tits. Someone sneaks into someone else’s tent at two in the morning.  Some asshole takes photos and posts them to HashSpace.

When we first start hashing, we think hashers are different. Better. Cooler. With experience, we learn hashers are just like everyone else. There is no special trust.

When alcohol is present (and when is it not at a hash?), people get horny and think they can take sexual liberties. It’s mostly guys, but some girls too. And there are always consequences after. Take the alcohol away and this shit would stop happening. But then it wouldn’t be the hash any more, so what’s the answer?

No one wants to hear this, but the answer is to keep your clothes on. Women, if you’re at a camping hash, share your tent with hashers you trust. Men, the hash is not a swingers’ club. As the PSA says, look out for each other, especially your sister hashers. If you see someone getting rapey, take him aside and straighten him out.

Sorry to be such a wet blanket, but if you’re reading this sober, you know I’m right.

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