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Hashing Longevity (Updated)

Some of you may know Grease Monkey from Over the Hump H3 in Quantico, Virginia. I met Grease when I was posted to Okinawa in 1989. He was a fixture of the hash there, and I’ve always believed he engineered my “election” as the Okinawa H3 GM. Grease and his family transferred to Quantico in 1991 or 92, and have been there ever since. I hashed in DC once in the early 2000s, but didn’t get to see him when I was there, so it was a pleasure to get this note from one of his brother OtH H3 hashers:

Last night “Grease Monkey” of the “Over The Hump” H3 (Quantico, Virginia, south of DC) completed his 2000th trail with Over The Hump.  It was also approximately his 850th time haring trail for OTH (note that OTH has run twice per week for most of its history).

It has taken him 23 years to accomplish this.  When you stop to think of the requirements needed to accomplish such a feat ((a) Live in the same city for 23 years, (b) have a local hash that has been in existence for 23 years, (c) complete roughly 80% of all trails run over the 23–year period), it seems plausible to me that Grease Monkey may well be the first person in the USA to accomplish this.

Might you be aware of anyone else who has accomplished this feat before now, both in the USA and elsewhere?  Grease believes that there is a hasher on Okinawa who has completed 3000 runs with the same hash, but he is not sure.

Well, I don’t know, but I suspect a few other hashers have hit the 2K mark. Hashers like Moon in Philadelphia, maybe, or Mr. Jackson in Rumson. The Okinawa hasher Grease Monkey referred to is probably Rooster. He’d definitely be up to around 3,000 trails by now.

Not that hashers keep meticulous records, but does anyone know of other hashers with the kind of longevity Grease Monkey has? Let us know in the comments, of email me directly and I’ll post the info here in an update. Thanks and On On!

Update (same day): I linked to this on Facebook and a couple of hashers pointed out things I should have included here. First, I meant 2,000 or more trails with the same hash. There are several hashers who have exceeded 2,000 trails, spread between different kennels. I went over 1,000 myself years ago, and then quit counting. Second, I forgot to mention another Okinawa H3 member, Omakazae, who at last count had run around 3,500 trails with that hash. I remember Omakazae well, and wish him and Rooster many more trails in the future!

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