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Finding Hash Contacts

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Sorry to keep harping on the regional hash contact websites, but too many hashers don’t know they exist. When they want to know if there’s a hash in some other city or country, they ask other hashers on HashSpace or the Hash List. Which is fine, but when they get an answer, it’s only because some better-informed hasher looked up the information on a regional website.

The problem is advertising. For several years, one obnoxious asshole relentlessly flogged his crappy hash website on every available hash forum. He was finally banned and we’re free of his non-stop spamming, but he poisoned the well for every other hash webmaster with something important to contribute. For example, if I spoke too much about the Half-Mind Catalog, which contains the master list of hash clubs and contacts in North, Central, and South America, I’d wind up looking as spammy as that other guy and hashers would accuse me of self-promotion. None of the other regional webmasters want that kind of attention either … the result being that no one advertises and hashers have largely forgotten (or never knew in the first place) that hash contacts in any part of the world can easily be found online.

Our collective invisibility has a secondary effect: because hashers don’t know about the regional websites, they don’t know to send updates when contacts change or new clubs spring up. Webmasters can’t keep contact lists up to date if hashers don’t help out; hashers don’t know webmasters need help because they don’t know the webmasters exist.

Well, I haven’t been the regional webmaster for the Americas for several years now. Hazukashii and Likk’mm took over my Half-Mind Catalog site for a couple of years, and then Ra stepped in and maintains it to this day. I’m a neutral observer these days and no longer care what hashers may say about me … in short, I’m more than willing to help the regional webmasters publicize their important work!

If you’re looking for a hash anywhere in North, Central, or South America … or the Caribbean … Ra’s your man. Just go to the Half-Mind Americas Hash Contact Database and look up your destination. If you represent a hash anywhere in this hemisphere and you have updates, email Ra and he’ll do the actual work of plugging your information into the database. No muss, no fuss. If you’re looking for a hash anywhere else in the world, follow this link to a list of all the regional and national hash contact websites.

Remember, unlike that other guy, none of the regional webmasters want your beer money. They voluntarily collect and publish hash contacts because they’re traveling hashers themselves, and they remember how hard it was to get contact information back in the old days. Please support them so that we don’t wind up going back to the old days!

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3 comments to Finding Hash Contacts

  • Pampers

    I’m going to have to say though I don’t agree with the redirect for the regional links HashHouseHarriers.info has, it’s a central point of failure, and it also buggers up SEO ranking, which might not seem important but anything that gets that other guy off Google rankings for certain search terms is worth it.

    Anyway, if you have any updates for hashes in the UK please let me know at http://www.hhh.org.uk

  • Good point, Pampers. On my own list of regional website links I use the actual site URLs. Ra, for whatever reason, uses redirects. I think it was d2hd of the Aussie page who originally suggested the regional web masters use redirects when linking to each other, but I could be wrong.

  • Pampers

    I’ve just noticed that it actually redirects twice, once to half-mind then to the end point. That’s got to be changed, please?

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