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Not Really a Bash Trash: 2/17/13

I’m recovering from a knee replacement, so I missed the February Pedalfiles Bash on Sunday. Looks like I missed another memorable trail. The hares, Deep Dish and Is It In Yet?, pursued by Hash Jive and Pearl of the Andes, Arthur Gash, and Redheaded Woodpecker, bashed through neighborhood streets and alleys northward to the Rillito bike path and then on to a favorite beer check destination, Shooter’s Steakhouse, followed by a leisurely tour of Winterhaven and eventually on-home to Deep Dish’s house. Along the way Hash Jive and Pearl took an unannounced shortcut to Deep Dish’s, creating some consternation among the remaining pack members, who at the time were fighting off an attack by feral Winterhaven turkeys, pedaling for their lives as enraged gobblers pecked at their ankles, all while juggling cell phones to determine the location of their missing pack members, who had possibly been devoured by turkeys … hey, it could have happened!

Can you even believe I found a photo of a turkey attacking a bicyclist? Can you believe it? Google Images fucking ROCKS!

Meanwhile, Flying Booger and Pick’n'Flick broke into Deep Dish’s back yard to await the arrival of the pack. Let’s see, bash start time was 10 AM, so a 12:30 PM arrival time should be just about on, right? Wrong. FB & Pick waited about an hour before their cell phones started ringing with calls from Redheaded Woodpecker looking for Hash Jive and Pearl, followed by the arrival of the missing couple, followed about an hour later by near-simultaneous arrival of the hares and pack. Oh, and Fat Chicks showed up to kibbutz with us and join the circle … please forgive me if I got that wrong: if you rode trail, Fatty, I’m sorry. Fat Chicks, I have been informed, rode with the pack. Anyway, it was a pleasant afternoon talking trail, turkeys, and BTs with no checks, catching up with 3IY, Fatty, and Arthur Gash, bashers we don’t get to see that often. Brats were grilled, Deep Dish’s hospitality was generous as always, beer was consumed.

Redheaded Woodpecker announced that Illegal Entry and Duct Tape Donna will hare the next Pedalfiles bash on Sunday, the 12th17th of March, details to be announced. With any luck I’ll be able to ride that one.

Added (later, same day):

On-afters at Manor Dish (L to R: 3IY, Fatty, Woodpecker, Flying Booger, Pick’n'Flick, Hash Jive, Pearl, Arthur Gash (back to camera)

On On!

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