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Hash-L & Abe Vigoda: Not Dead Yet

For newer hashers, Hash-L is the hash e-mail list. It used to be hosted on the USC server; today it’s hosted at harrier.org. I access it here. It used to be the only online forum for hashers and back in its heyday was always hopping. Today, with HashSpace and Facebook, it’s less active. Sometimes I think it’s finally gone toes up, but then it’ll spring back to life, at least for a little while.

I haven’t run a membership query recently, but last time I did there were about 250 subscribers. That’s almost as many as it had back in the day. Most are lurkers. Posts and responses tend to come from a core group of 50 or so members (I’m making these numbers up but I’ll bet they’re pretty close).

The thing is, even as quiet as it sometimes gets, it’s a more active information & opinion exchange than Facebook and HashSpace combined. In the last two weeks Hash-L has hosted wide-ranging conversations on topics ranging from the upcoming InterAmericas Hash in Panama, trail marks (started by yours truly), whether or not the harrier clubs who preceded the hash used checks, a debate over laying trail to keep fast and slow runners together, and even that old perennial, cans versus kegs. This week alone there have been 48 messages. Go check the hashing group pages on Facebook or the forum on Hashspace. There’s no comparison. Hash-L is still king.

If you’re not a subscriber, you’re missing out. You can sign up here. And it’s okay if you just want to lurk.

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