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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 12/16/12

It rained all weekend and right up to an hour before the start of this month’s bash, but a bash is a bash so we loaded the bikes and drove to the start at Fruchthendler School on Cloud Road. We arrived to find the hares, Illegal Entry and Redheaded Woodpecker, in the middle of an argument over which way to go. I loaned them a map and that seemed to settle them down, but I could tell they still had conflicting ideas about the trail. Here they are leaving the start.

odd tandem

Hares away!

Despite the gloomy morning, by bash time we had blue skies with scattered clouds and a larger-than expected pack. Pick’n'Flick and I were there, along with Missed a Spot and Spot Remover, who brought along prospective son-in-law Elliott to test his hash worthiness. Illegal Entry also brought a virgin, Donna. We were joined by transplanted DC hasher Loose Nut, and at the last minute by Hash Jive. Hares of two, pack of eight, skies of blue, oh ain’t it great, has anybody seen the trail? Uh, sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

The first thing we saw after leaving the school was a huge swath of white where some fool had spilled a gallon or two of paint. Ignoring it, we continued down Cloud Road, but after a while it became obvious there was no trail so we backtracked. And what do you know, the paint turned out to be someone’s entire supply of flour! We discovered later it was Illegal Entry’s. Good thing she had a co-hare!


Every hare’s nightmare

Trail went into some really cool neighborhoods none of us even knew existed, virgin territory for the Pedalfiles, winding east and north from the school to Cloud Ranch, then up to Sunrise & Kolb and back downhill to the start. Your humble scribe bailed when the going got tough and rode back to the start to find the hares setting up on-in mimosas on the hood of a car. Now that they weren’t arguing they looked almost like friends.


The hares, Illegal Entry & Redheaded Woodpecker

The pack rode in shortly after and we hit the mimosas. After a while we realized Hash Jive was not among us. He’s a slow rider, but not as slow as me, so I fished out my cell phone and gave him a call. He sounded like he was panting so I assumed he was on an uphill stretch, but then I heard Pearl of the Andes’ voice in the background. I asked him what was going on and he broke down and confessed to bailing too … part of the trail went by his house so he decided to park the bike and have Pearl give him a ride back to the A, but not before knocking off the quickie I interrupted with my call. Well played, sir!

On-afters were at the Hog Pit on Tanque Verde, where we discovered that Illegal’s virgin Donna had a shady past involving motorcycle gangs and duct tape, so our esteemed GM Woodpecker decreed an early naming. Be it known by all present, henceforth and forevermore, etc, etc, that Duct Tape Donna is now a hasher! Hash Jive and Illegal shared the Hashit, he for spilling his seed, she for spilling her flour. Pick’n'Flick took this nice group photo … jeez, you’d never know it had been overcast and raining two hours earlier!


L to R: Pearl, Hash Jive, Woodpecker, Illegal, Duct Tape Donna, Spot Remover, Missed a Spot, Elliott, Loose Nut, Flying Booger

See you next month on Sunday, January the 20th, when Is It In Yet? promises to borrow a bike and throw some kind of trail together. On On!


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