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Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 11/25/12

Note: it’s been so long since I posted a mash trash I figure I’d better remind hashers that a mash is a motorcycle hash.

I don’t know why, but it feels like we missed a couple of monthly Harriers MCH3 mashes. Oh, right … we did miss a couple of monthly Harriers MCH3 mashes! No one showed up to ride in August, and in September I was on a long non-mash motorcycle tour in California and Nevada. October I think I just plain forgot, along with everyone else. So when Woodpecker asked me at last week’s bicycle hash if we were ever going to ride our motorcycles again, I decided I’d better throw together a November mash. And so today, picking up where we left off with the ride I originally planned for August, starting at a coffee house on Tucson’s east side and then south to Sonoita and west to Patagonia.


In Patagonia: Flying Booger, Green Flagger, Wankers Aweigh

There were only three us us on the road today, but what else is new? No Woodpecker, but what else is new? No Humpin’, but what else is new? No El Paso, but … well, you get the idea. I was there with my Goldwing and Wankers Aweigh was there with his Beemer, and that makes a quorum. Add our virgin masher, Green Flagger on her Ducati, and we have a filibuster! Or a posse. Or something.


Wankers & Flagger in Sonoita

Flagger did her best to hold us up this morning. Her throttle was sticking and Wankers and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, so we contemplated throttle linkage mechanics over a cup of coffee and after a while it occurred to us to check whether anything was rubbing against it. Sure enough, the bar-end mirror on her right handgrip was clamped too close to the throttle, making it bind. For a change I had the right tool in my saddlebag, and pretty soon we were on the road.

We rode back roads to Corona de Tucson and Sonoita, where we stopped for a quick regroup, then on to Patagonia for lunch at the Velvet Elvis. After lunch I told a nice Canadian biker chick I’d buy her an order of poutine if she’d take our photo for the mash trash. I could tell she wanted to ask me what a mash trash was, but since I didn’t know what poutine was I figured we were even.

From Patagonia, it was easier for Wankers to ride to his west side home via Nogales and I-19, so we parted ways. Wankers rode off west, Flagger and I rode back the way we came, the mash went in peace.

Next time you see Green Flagger, be sure to welcome her to Harriers MCH3! And keep an eye out for the next mash announcement. It’ll be on Christmas Eve Eve, December 23rd, and I’ll post the start location and time on our Facebook page and by email. On On!


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