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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 11/18/12

Probably one of the best days of the year for a bicycle hash, cool and sunny, and who shows up? The hard core, the harriers and harriettes who’d have shown up even if it was raining or snowing. Not a fair weather basher in sight!

Since Redheaded Woodpecker and Yoda had taken first and second place in yesterday’s annual El Tour de Tucson bicycle race (not really), we didn’t expect a long trail. And Woodpecker delivered. Trail was approximately 35 miles long (okay, 10), all uphill (flat), and directly into the path of a 30-knot headwind (if by “30 knots” one means “near calm”) .

Photos? But of course. Here we are at Himmel Park, getting ready to hit the trail.

Flying Booger, Deep Dish, Spot Remover, Redheaded Woodpecker (photo by Appendage)

Of course, Yoda was busy chatting up total strangers, but I was able to take his photo just before the start.

Yoda looks great after El Tour, but his bike is showing the strain

And then there was The One Who Wasn’t There.

The elusive Womb with a View (some of us are beginning to doubt her existence)

Woodpecker’s trail looped through the Sam Hughes, University, and North University neighborhoods, with plenty of turns on power, check backs (including a nice long one up Mountain Avenue), and a tricky DP that had us going three different directions on Elm Avenue, which is hard to do since there are normally only the two directions available, east and west. But we’re bashers, so we did! Eventually, though, all good things must end, and we found ourselves pedaling south on Treat and back into Himmel Park.

On-Afters at Bob Dobbs: Woodpecker, Deep Dish, Spot Remover, Yoda, Appendage

Woodpecker presided over a short circle at Bob Dobbs. We honored our hare for laying a shitty trail, and Deep Dish volunteered Is It In Yet as our December hare. He’s somewhere in Colorado right now, pushing his big rig through the snow and ice, so this may come as a surprise to him. Recognizing that he may already have other plans, we named a backup hare, none other than the recipient of this month’s hashshit award, Womb with a View, who earned the Pedalfiles’ highest honor by promising to come and then not showing up. We love ya, WWAV!

And then Deep Dish, after flirting shamelessly with the waiter and scoring free beer and turkey sandwiches for the table, rode away into the sunset.

See you for our next bash on Sunday, December 16!

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