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PISS Hash Trash: 11/11/12

What a brilliant hash! What a brilliant morning and afternoon! Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still on a hashing high, and I didn’t even do trail!

Pack & hares, post trail. L to R: Slew, TLC, Yoda, Pick, Half Hash, Son of a Beach (Leo hiding behind), Latrina Linda, NHN Rick, IBM, CD, Appendage

Our hares this morning, Itty Bitty Meat and Tastes Like Chicken, treated Pima Independent Sunday Social hashers to a trail through the high desert and dry washes near their country home outside Benson, Arizona, about 20 miles east of Tucson. The pack was made up of Communicable Disease and Tucson Slew, Yoda and Appendage, Pick’n'Flick, NHN Rick, Latrina Linda, and Half Hash with his boys Son of a Beach and Leo. Three dogs did trail too: Josie, Cola, and Maya. I stayed behind to guard the fort with our two dogs Low Flying Booger and NHN Maxie.

On-afters were a potluck lunch and party back at the hares’ house, where we were joined by some non-hashing guests. I can’t tell you much about the trail other than that it took its toll on Tucson Slew, who came on-in with a bloody face after an encounter with a mesquite branch, and also on the packs’ shoes, which were so full of thorns, spines, and burrs afterward they had to be burnt in the firepit. TLC told me it was so cold at daybreak (right at freezing) she and IBM considered shortening their planned trail, but by the time the pack arrived it was warming up so they hared as planned; by my watch the pack was out just over an hour.

As I mentioned, our two dogs stayed at the house with me, but since IBM and TLC now have chickens they weren’t bored. Here’s Low Flying Booger trying to herd the flock (and not having much luck at it):

Low Flying Booger wishing she was inside the coop with her new friends

A good time was had by all. Everyone loved the trail, hashers and non-hashers played well together, good food and drink were partaken of, and the weather could not have been more perfect. The only fuck-up was mine … I totally forgot to lead a circle!

If all goes as planned, the next PISS Hash will be on Sunday, the 9th of December. Stand by for news!

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