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PISS Hash Trash: 10/14/12

I probably shouldn’t attempt to write a trash because I didn’t really participate, but probably no one else will, so here goes:

Every time Yoda offers to hare a trail in Green Valley, I despair of anyone turning up. And yet hashers do always turn up, even if they have to get up at oh-dark-thirty and drive an hour or more to get there. Here’s the turnout for last Sunday’s running of the Pima Independent Sunday Social hash:

CD, Zorro, TLC, IBM, Yoda, Master Meat Finder, Pick'n'Flick, Appendage, Tucson Slew

The only one not in the photo is me. One, because I was taking it; two, because I still have a bad knee and didn’t do trail but rode my bicycle around Green Valley instead.

Yoda’s trail was pre-laid and was one we’ve hashed before, zig-zagging through a series of washes between developed areas of Green Valley. I remember doing this trail a couple of years ago, thinking we’d never have known we were anywhere near civilization if we hadn’t had to cross a street here and there in order to get to the next wash. I also remember getting sand in my camera while crawling under a barbed wire fence. The pack, by all accounts, enjoyed the trail, except for the last part, which they didn’t do because some overly-anal Green Valley oldster had gone out and swept up all the flour, erasing that part of the trail.

Here we are, back at the start, prior to going to on-afters at the Triple Play:

Shade is good

I hope, by the time TLC & IBM put on the next PISS Hash (Sunday, Nov 11, near Benson), I’ll be back to doing trail again.

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