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The Event that Was

This is a follow-on to a June 2012 post titled The Event that Isn’t … or Is It?

In that post I expressed concerns about Stray Dog’s “World Interhash” event, scheduled for the last weekend in September in Orlando, Florida. Three months out, publicity was almost nonexistent and it was difficult to get hard information on what, exactly, was on the schedule. The web site was difficult to navigate and contained outdated information. It turned out the venue had been arbitrarily selected: Orlando hashers hadn’t volunteered to host it and no one had coordinated with them; local GMs publicly said they were washing their hands of it.

And then there was the event name: World Interhash. Stray Dog had been putting on the biennial Global Trash Hash for years. It was an established event. Suddenly he wanted us to call it World Interhash? No. There is one World Interhash, and this wasn’t it.

Much yadda-yadda ensued, as you can see from the long comment thread under the original post.

It’s October, and Stray Dog’s event is now hash history. According to the Who’s Coming list, 63 hashers attended. That’s a respectable small event, in line with previous Global Trash Hashes. I congratulate Stray Dog for pulling it off despite opposition from Orlando hashers … not to mention my own blistering criticism, which according to him nearly sabotaged the event and spoiled everyones’ fun.

Here, for your information, are two messages Stray Dog wrote in the wake of the Orlando event. Message number one:

As participants from as widely scattered places as Okinawa, England, Switzerland, New Zealand, China and many other locations showed up for this, the world’s smallest world interact event, the main topic of discussion was who is Flying Booger and what is his problem? Local Florida hashers were appalled at the local hashers who were spreading the false rumor that I schedule these events every year, take in money, then never hold the event. Paraphrasing their words, as they downed good beer, ate good and abundant food, ran to great pubs, enjoyed top entertainment and even had a good tourist location thrown in for their $69.95 to $125 fee, “What the fuck is up with these poofters?”

When did so many in-crowd,”if we can’t control it, it cannot happen” people come into the hash world. More down downs to thin out these negative types are warranted in my personal opinion.

I remember on three continents that if you held an event, they would come. Nobody trashed another person’s events. As for me passing along comments from my readers about corruption and Asia/Down Under centricity of Interhash, well, those same comments were passed on by Flying Booger and his readers here, so that is a bit hypocritical don’t you think F.B.?

So all that said, everyone left Orlando happy, well served by the event and disappointed that there were so many people (I won’t use the word hashers because their behavior is not hash behavior) who trash me and my event just because they do not like me for some perceived reason that has no real basis.

I leave you with this. Nobody who has ever attended one of my events ever thought they did not get their money’s worth and nobody ever said they did not have a good time. All these assholes who are trashing my events and calling them fake have never once attended one of them. Off my soapbox now.

See you in Heidelberg next year and in Okinawa the next, where the founders of both have already registered and, unlike Orlando (who held the 3rd event in ’97 by the way with no problems), felt honored that their hashes were chosen to host.

Cheers and On On,
Stray Dog

Guilty on all counts. Anyone who reads my weblog knows that all I do is trash other hashers’ events. I promise to improve my attitude, to permit events not under my personal control to happen, and to thin my negativity with down-downs because I am not really a hasher. Or whatever.

Message number two contains some welcome information:

Just some info you may wish to pass on to your readers. At the committee meeting that, because of its size, included all attendees, we agreed upon the following two issues. This should also show that the event is a truly democratic one:

  • It was moved and voted on that World Interhash would be changed to Global Interhash. It was felt that the World Interact name was confusing and too many whiners were complaining about it. Other names considered were the original Global Trash Hash and World Interhash once again.
  • The nominees for the 2015 event scheduled for the Americas for the 21st Global Interhash were Portland, Oregon; San Antonio, Texas; Honolulu, Hawaii; and San Francisco, California. The winner by wide margin was Portland, Oregon.

2013 will be held in Heidelberg and 2014 in Okinawa.

Thanks for passing that info along.

Okay, I’m happy with that. No one will confuse Global Interhash with World Interhash. Global Interact would be even better, but I won’t quibble. This is the first time I’ve seen Stray Dog back down on a naming issue. He didn’t do it because of my criticism; he did it because the hashers who came to his event asked him to … and that’s fine with me.

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