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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 9/16/12

Virgin hares Missed a Spot and Spot Remover laid a trail through central Tucson this morning, and the pack rode it and said it was shitty (which, if you’re new to hashspeak, means “good”).

The Pedalfiles assembled at Himmel Park at 9 AM: the hares, Flying Booger & Pick’n'Flick, Burning Bush, Deep Dish, Wankers Aweigh & Hot Legs, Virgin Mary Without a Cherry, and Yoda & Appendage. After hare lies the Spots took off, leading the pack south through Tucson’s finest (and normally peaceful) neighborhoods, then Reid Park, then the Aviation bikeway to the foot of 4th Avenue, where there was a beer check (the bars still being closed, this still being Tucson).

After the beer check trail went north through the University of Arizona, continued north to a photo op, then turned back east and south to the start at Himmel Park, about 12 miles if you didn’t fall for any bad trails or checkbacks … which of course everyone did.

On-afters were at the Barrio Brewing Company.

Now for the notable achievements! Flying Booger sprained his knee at the PISS Hash last week, so he set up the beer check for today’s trail. Hot Legs and Appendage weren’t riding, so they came with him. When the hares arrived at the beer check, Missed a Spot’s rear tire picked that exact time to release all its air, so Missed became part of the beer check crew while Spot Remover continued laying trail solo.

Beer check crew: Flying Booger, Hot Legs, Missed a Spot, Appendage

The second half of the trail included a photo op at a sculpture house near Mountain and Grant, but only Deep Dish saw it … the arriving pack spied her riding away from the photo op and followed her, cutting off that part of the trail, so here’s a photo of part of the sculpture house I took two weeks ago when Spot Remover and I were scouting trail:

Spot Remover at the Photo Op

Yoda told the worst joke anyone had ever heard at on-afters, and no amount of alcohol could get us drunk enough to forget it. It involved fisting, if you must know. And a dog.

The hares were roundly criticized for laying a shitty trail with not enough flour and confusing marks, which meant that everyone liked it.

Virgin Mary offered to hare the Pedalfiles next month, so stand by for details.

After an interlude of trainspotting from the front patio of the Barrio Brewing Company, the hash was duly blessed and went in peace. On-On!

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