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PISS Hash Trash: 9/9/12

The Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash House Harriers are back after a summer break, hashier than ever … it was raining hard about an hour before the start and I worried no one would show up, but wow, what a turnout!


The pack (minus hares CD & Slew, and the photographer, yours truly)

Beggin’ for Johnson and Night Deposit brought their daughter Who’s My Dad, who in turn brought along two first-timers, Isabel & Madeline; they’re the three young girls in the center of the pack photo.  In addition to the usual suspects (me, Yoda & Appendage, Zorro) we were joined by IBM & TLC (with canine hashers Josie & Cola), H.M. Ho, Citizen 69, and Half Hash with his lads Son of a Beach and Battery Bunny.

Communicable Disease and Tucson Slew set a great trail starting and ending in Tucson’s Udall Park, one that took us through shiggy, muddy ditches, flooded washes, and past a soggy homeless camp … a most hashlike effort, complete with a beer check. They warned us there’d be a couple of turns on powder but as always there was one hasher who didn’t read the memo; Beggin’ lost trail within the first 100 yards and returned to the start. I can’t poke too much fun of him; less than a quarter of a mile from the start I blew out my knee and had to limp back to Udall Park myself.

A concerned citizen, alarmed by what could only be piles of weaponized anthrax strategically placed around the edges of Udall Park, called the authorities, something that hasn’t happened to us for a long time.  As I sat with Beggin’ and CD back at the start, I saw a black & white pull up and thought “uh oh.”  Sure enough, two policemen emerged and started checking out our flour.  CD went to talk to them, and I walked over too, and fortunately for us they were cool with the concept and soon left.  We found out later, when the pack came in, that the cops had detained Who’s My Dad and one of her friends on trail for a short interrogation session.  I don’t know if that happened before or after they talked to us.  Probably after, because what cop would believe anything told them by the likes of CD and me?

We had a short circle back at the start, lined up hares for October and November (and maybe even December), and went to on-afters at Thirsty’s, a neighborhood pub.  About half the pack skipped on-afters, but here’s the hard core enjoying drinks and breakfast after a great morning:


L to R: Zorro, Tucson Slew, CD, TLC, IBM, Appendage, Yoda

Plan on doing some driving for the next two PISS hashes: we’re meeting in Green Valley on Oct 14 for a Yoda trail; then on Nov 11th at IBM & TLC’s place near Benson.  Details will be announced on our Facebook page and by email.  On On!

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