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More Sad News

Long Beach and Las Vegas hasher Tuna Taco died last night.

I don’t have many details.  Adios MF from Las Vegas called to tell me about it, since I knew Tuna and was looking forward to seeing him again … Tuna was supposed to move today from Las Vegas to Chandler, Arizona, and I’d hoped to see him either at a Tucson or Phoenix hash before too long.

When Adios dropped him off at his place last night, Tuna was pretty sick.  Apparently he’d been in bad health for some time.  Adios called him this morning to see if he was okay and Tuna didn’t answer.  Adios drove over and found him dead.

It’s been a rough year for Las Vegas hashers, first losing Bloody Asshole and now Tuna Taco.  Yes, elder hashers leave us all the time, but these were young guys who shouldn’t have died.  What a shame.

Here’s to brother hasher,
Brother hasher, brother hasher,
Here’s to brother hasher,
May he chug a lug,

He’s happy, he’s jolly,
He’s fucked up, by golly,
Here’s to brother hasher,
May he chug a lug.

We’ll miss you, Tuna Taco!

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2 comments to More Sad News

  • ttarka


    I was on vacation and must have missed this news. What a tragedy.


  • Oh Tuna, I miss you; so are so much fun; with you I always had a buddy to get into some trouble with. Give my love to Eject and Suteki when you meet up with them: three people I love and friendships I value.

    Didn’t know ;you were in LV — been there a couple of times on doll conventions and could have used a beer and a pal to drink it with, since neither one of us is socially acceptable to anybody but ourselves after a few of them.

    I’m wrapping myself with your love and sending mine along back to you on your journey. I’m keeping you in my heart and I’ll drink my beers with you in my mind to share them with you.

    I’ll tell DT after the weekend.

    We’ve been out of the loop too long and I just found myself again this summer and this is a sad catch-up, li’l bro.


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