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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 7/8/12 (Would You Like Some Hills with That?)

Wankers Aweigh laid a cunning trail for his fellow bashers this morning, approximately 15 to 20 miles of hills, hills, and more hills, from Marana down to Pima College West and back … with a few hills thrown in. I say approximately because all but two of us turned back at various points along the trail, some from heat exhaustion and some from mere confusion, but all of us got a great workout.  More importantly, all of us found our way back to Wankers’ and Hot Legs’ house.

2012-07-08 10.07.23

Double Dicker, Just Andy, 58 & Accounting, Wankers, Hot Legs, Yoda, Flying Booger, Pick'n'Flick, Pearl of the Andes, Hash Jive

A goodly crowd for a hot & muggy morning on the west side, no?  We couldn’t squeeze Appendage in, because we needed her to take the photo; later on No Bone (also not pictured) dropped in to join us for on-afters.

Pedalfiles virgins this morning were 58 & Accounting and her guest Just Andy, both of whom have hashed with the jHavelinas. Double Dicker put in a rare appearance, having bashed with us just once before (and that some time ago). It’s always great to see new & seldom-seen faces at the bash. Not seen at all was the face of our GM, Redheaded Woodpecker, on whose behalf we moved July’s bash ahead a week … duly noted, Woodpecker. Does this mean you’re penance haring next month?

Hot Legs put out a feast for on-afters, asking bashers to bring some side dishes, and no one went home hungry. Enchiladas, corned beef, pulled pork, green beans, cucumber salad, cole slaw … awesome eats. It’s no wonder the circle didn’t really happen … we were all too busy eating.

The basher of the day, or course, was our good friend Hash Jive, Ph.D. Congratulations, doctor!

2012-07-08 08.33.22

Hash Jive, Ph.D., still defending his dissertation (dude, it's over, it's a hash, loosen up!)

So what’s on for August?  Assuming we find a hare, the next  bash will be on Sunday, August 19th.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the announcement.

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