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Recipe Call

Bet you didn’t know there’s a hash cookbook on this site.  It’s kind of hidden up at the top, behind a tab labeled “cookbook.”  Pretty clever, eh?

Not actually a Half-Mind Cookbook recipe (photo credit: The Museum of Awful Food)

As anyone who has organized a hash picnic or on-after cookout knows, feeding the pack is as much a challenge as laying good trail or organizing an interhash. The Half-Mind Cookbook is full of pack-pleasing recipes, most of them geared toward feeding the multitudes.

Some of the recipes in the Half-Mind Cookbook come from me and Pick’n'Flick. With the permission of Private Party, Manhandler, and Mary Poppins, I added hash-tested recipes from the La Jolla H3.  Over the years, other hashers from the USA and the world have sent in recipes as well.

The reason I’m writing this is that I added a newly-contributed recipe this morning, Dead-End Hash Mac & Cheese, contributed by Prodigy from New Jersey.  That got me thinking (always a dangerous thing) … there must be many more of you with great hash party & picnic recipes, and I bet you’d love to share them with the Half-Mind Cookbook.  You would?  Great!  Just click the “submit recipe” button below!

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