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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 6/17/12

The only way to beat the heat in Tucson is to start the bash early, like at 8:00 AM. The pubs don’t open until 11:00 AM. What to do? Start & end at our house and make our patio the pub!

Spot Remover, Missed a Spot, Woodpecker, Appendage, Virgin Mary, Flying Booger, Yoda, Wankers Aweigh, Hot Legs

What a great turnout for a hot summer morning! Wankers and Hot Legs put in a rare appearance. We had a no0b, Virgin Mary (Without the Cherry), a jHavelina hasher who rode her first bash today.  Actually, not everyone rode trail … Appendage, Pick’n'Flick, and Hot Legs opted to stay in the air-conditioned house while the rest of us braved the heat.  Burning Bush was supposed to ride with the pack but changed her mind after looking at the thermometer and wisely settled for dropping in on the party afterward instead.  Still, on a hot summer morning we’re just glad people show up, let alone ride!

So what did the intrepid pack encounter today?  Well, according to them, a mismarked trail characterized by a paucity of flour.  I prefer to think of it as brilliantly-laid and marked.  Then again, I was the hare and may be biased.  Trail was a 12-mile loop through the neighborhoods west and east of Catalina Highway, with plenty of great views (if your eyes weren’t too blurred by sweat).  Throw in two long check backs (and you know I did!) and the mileage probably came up to 15.  The hare was off at 8; everyone was in by 10.

With the help of two patio umbrellas and a mist-spraying fan the patio was bearable until about 12:30, when the temperature busted 100°.  But we got in a good circle well before then, and everyone enjoyed food and beverages in the shade.  We even had a naming!  And not just any damn naming, but a theme naming!  Henceforth and forevermore, please address the former Abby and Paul as Missed a Spot and Spot Remover.  Yes, there’s a good story behind that — ask Missed a Spot to show you her tattoos someday!  The Spots’ dog wasn’t with us this morning, but he cut his chops on the PISS H3, so we named him too: Run, Spot, Run.

Next month we’ll be bashing on the second Sunday so as not to conflict with the jHavelina H3′s annual red dress run.  The Pedalfiles will meet at Casa de Wankers & Hot Legs in Oro Valley at 8 AM on Sunday, July 8.  Details will be posted on our Facebook page and by email.

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