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Road Trip: Gypsies in the Palace 1000th

We don’t go on many road trips these days, so it was a real treat to drive to San Francisco for last weekend’s Gpysies in the Palace H3 1000th.  The event ran from Thursday, May 31, to Sunday, June 3.  We missed the Thursday and Sunday hashes, but were there for the Friday night pub crawl in the City and the main event in Petaluma on Saturday.  Here’s a photo of part of Saturday’s trail in the hills above Petaluma:


GPH3 1000th Trail, Petaluma CA, 6/2/12 (photo by TAF)

Naturally, we pussied out before we got that far, but hey, someone had to get back to the A and guard the beer! Friday night’s death march pub crawl defeated us too … we lasted through the first six bars, but missed seven through twelve. Here are two of the usual suspects in the Oz Lounge in San Francisco, stop three on the pub crawl from hell:


Tongueless & Mooze, San Francisco CA, 6/1/12

So yeah, pussies R us … but damn we had a good time.  We stayed with Tongueless & Fits In at their house in Novato, along with Mooze from the Oslo Full Moon H3.  I drove us all into the City for the Friday night pub crawl; we, along with Fits In, bailed at midnight; Tongueless and Mooze made it all the way to the last bar and taxied home around 2:30 AM.  Saturday’s 1000th run was in Petaluma, a few miles north of Novato.  About 60 hashers were there … GPH3 and SFH3 members mostly, but in addition to Mooze a couple of other overseas visitors (Floater from Sweden for one, whom I’d never met in the flesh), as well as US hashers from as far away as New York City … seeing our Austin H3 friends Try a Fuck and She Mussel Bitch was especially great.  Trail was rugged, with lots of hills and barbed wire fences to squeeze under … here’s She Mussel Bitch tackling one:


SMB goes on-under (photo by TAF)

Saturday’s on-afters were at the Lagunatis Brewery in Petaluma, where we had a catered lunch and all the IPA we could drink (alas, no water or soda … I felt a bit left out, but that’s my one & only whinge).  The King of the Gypsies, Rong Jon, presided over the circle, sword of justice in hand, anointing the righteous and smiting the unworthy.


Rong Jon & Flying Booger, Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma CA, 6/2/12

Tongueless and Fits In were the main organizers of the event, so they were pretty busy all weekend … especially Sunday, when Tongueless hared the hangover hash and Fits In hosted on-afters at their house in Novato.  We drove up the north coast to Bodega Bay that morning and didn’t get back until the circle, where the King was in rare form.  Eventually only a few diehards remained: RJ, Mooze, Tongueless & Fits In, TAF & SMB, the two of us … and we caught up with old times until late in the afternoon, then went out to dinner in town.

Click here for more photos from the GPH3 1000th weekend.

This is what hash road trips are all about: good trails, reuniting with old friends, making new friends, seeing how other kennels do things.  If you’re new to hashing and haven’t done trail anywhere outside your home town, go to the upcoming events calendar and plan a road trip.  You don’t have to fly overseas or clear across the country; there’s probably a weekend event coming up somewhere close by.  To coin a phrase, just do it … you’ll be glad you did.

Just remember one thing: if you go to San Francisco in the summer, bring warm clothes.

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