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How Odd . . . There’s a Tooth in this Flour!

Here’s a good Hash House Harrier story.  So good, in fact, it made Keith Olbermann’s Countdown show tonight.

Here’s the gist of it:

When grandmother Stevie Wood died her family decided her ashes should be put to use – so they were laid in a five-mile trail for a running group to follow.

The Hash House Harriers normally chase after a long line of flour laid out across the countryside as part of a fun run.

But this year the joggers ran around a trail marked out with the remains of the 84-year-old.

How cool!  But you know, I don’t think this is a hashing first.  The details aren’t coming to me, but didn’t a hasher with a terminal illness ask his hash mates to lay trail with his ashes a couple of years ago?  And didn’t they do just that?

Well, like any good idea, this one’s going to get used to death (so to speak).  Actually, by the time we baby boomer hashers start dying off, there’ll be so much crematory “flour” available hares’ll have to lay three trails a week just to use it all up!

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