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Bash Report

When I blogged about the four hashers who suffered serious face plants during Pedalfiles Bash events, none had yet returned to bash again, and the rest of us were beginning to be concerned they might not ever.

I’m happy to report that two of the four came back this morning.  Kiwi Herman bashed with us today, nine months after his grate disaster.  Deep Dish, only two months after her bad spill and still unable to put much weight on her hand, joined us before and after trail.  Both she and Kiwi had big smiles on their faces, and Deep Dish says she’ll be riding again by next month’s bash.

Nothing bad happened today, so Gispert must have heard my prayer.  There were only five of us . . . and just four actually riding . . . so we blew off trail and rode around Tucson and the University of Arizona instead.  Almost all our regulars are at Tex-Mex this weekend.

And that’s good too.  When I came to Tucson, there were only a few local hashers who’d ever attended an out-of-town hash event.  Today, that’s all changed.  If I can take the slightest credit for talking some of them into going to Betty Ford or the San Diego RDR, or hooking up with the Las Vegas HHH when they’re driving up there to gamble anyway, I’m happy.

By the way, when I flew for the Air Force, a “bash report” was something we had to fill out if we hit a bird.  Bash stands for “bird/animal strike hazard,” and they didn’t just throw “animal” in there to make a cute acronym . . . animals cross runways and get hit by aircraft all the time, and there have even been reports of airborne animal strikes caused when predatory birds drop their prey at altitude.  I myself once took out an owl with an Eagle!  Believe it or not, hashers!

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