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A Bash, a Prayer, and a Song

Today is Sunday!  Sunday is a bashing day!  Are we gonna have a good time?  You bet your ass we are!  [dance in circles holding imaginary beer mugs over heads]

If you don’t know the lyrics, check below the fold.

Up & at ‘em at 7:30, stowing helmet, gloves, sunblock, and shades in the truck; pumping tires, lifting bikes onto the rack in the back of the pickup truck; filling water bottles; running back to the closet to get the bike shoes I forgot; what have I missed?  Oh, money: I’ll have to stop at an ATM on the way.

At 9:30 it’s off to Bob Dobbs’ on 6th & Tucson to meet the pack.  Dear G, please don’t let any of us get hurt today, and protect us from drivers, thank you, amen.

Any day there’s a hash?  That’s a great day!

Monday is a Wanking Day
Melody – none that I know of, it’s more of a chant.

Leader: Today is Monday!
All: Today is Monday!
Leader: Monday is a wanking day! (wanking motion)
All: Monday is a wanking day! (wanking motion)


Leader: Are we gonna have a good time?
All: You bet your ass we are!
All: (raise mugs over heads and make one complete turn while humming) Da da dut da da da, da da da dut da da, etc

Leader: Today is Tuesday!
All: Today is Tuesday!
Leader: Tuesday is a finger day! (fingering motion)
All: Tuesday is a finger day! (fingering motion)
Leader: Monday is a wanking day! (wanking motion)
All: Monday is a wanking day! (wanking motion)


. . . now that you’ve got the idea, here are the rest of the days:

Wednesday is a hmmmm day! (stick tongue between 2nd & 3rd fingers)
Thursday is a drinking day! (raise mug in salute)
Friday is a fucking day! (humping motions, cheering, happiness)
Saturday is a hashing day! (running motions, cheering, happiness)
Sunday is a day of rest (make pillow with hands, rest head)
. . . modify as needed for local hashing day

Check out the Half-Mind Hymnal for more hashing songs!

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