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Announcing the New Half-Mind HHH Calendar

On-On, hashers, we got us a calendar!

Wanna skip the BS?

Half_Mind HHH Events Calendar

Wanna help out?

Submit HHH Calendar Events

Now for the BS.  In my days at the Half-Mind Catalog I published an international HHH events calendar.  It was one of the HMC’s most useful features, and was better than any other on-line or print HHH calendar then available (ahem).

When I started pulling back from the full-time job of editing the HMC, Hazukashii picked up the calendar, but eventually moved it to his own domain at GoToTheHash.net.  Next was Higgins, who edited the HMC calendar until his quest for Belgian dominance of Eurohash, InterAmericas, Pan-Asia, Australian Nash Hash, Pan-Africa, and InterHash got in the way.  Now the HMC has no calendar.*

What’s available to hashers today?  Larry McDowell publishes a somewhat perfuctory on-line calendar.  Hazukashii offers an excellent calendar, and so does Prof over at the UK HHH site.  Some of the regional and national HHH sites cover upcoming events in their areas, the outstanding Aussie site in particular.

I believe I can supplement and expand on the efforts of other HHH webmasters and once again build the hashing world’s best on-line international events calendar.  To do it, though, I’ll need your active support.  In other words, don’t just use my calendar . . . help me make it better by telling me about events in your part of the world.

Submit HHH Calendar Events

When submitting events, please include the following information:

  • Dates of event
  • Name of event
  • Place of event (city/state/country)
  • Web site URL (if any)
  • Sponsoring hash (if known)
  • Contact name
    • Contact e-mail address
    • Contact phone (if known)

Please, don’t submit locals-only events, regularly-scheduled one-day events, or non-hashing events.

* I take it back . . . the HMC does have a calendar . . . Ra’s already linking to ours!

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