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He Can Has Calunder

He’s baaaack!  Here’s how it started (excerpts from one of Mr. McDowell’s interminable advertising posts to the international hash e-mail list):

From: Stray Dog
Date: Wed Jan 02 2008 – 16:16:46 PST

Just wondering – in the hash calendar – the Interhash is not listed. Any particular reason for that?
Thanks, on on

[ . . . ]

It’s quite simple, a minute to do your own work and type in directory updates or calendar events that are shared on-line and with Global Trash magazine and InterHASHional News readers, or be left out. There are no exceptions, even Interhash.

[ . . . ]

The new 2008 hardcopy Interhash calendar is being printed this weekend and shipped to InterHASHional News and GT magazine subscribers. You still have time to sneak your event into that calendar that will go to all GT and IHN readers next week or order it before it is shipped by going to the marketplace linked from the world site.

[ . . . ]

Cheers and On On
Stray Dog

Wow, where to start?  Well, I suppose with my own response:

From: Flying Booger
Date: Wed Jan 02 2008 – 17:32:49 PST

Just wanna make sure I got this straight.  I should buy a hash calendar that doesn’t list the biggest international hash event of all.  Because the guy who sells it is waiting for one of his customers to list it for him.  Izzat right?

Hey, I’ve got a better idea!  Why don’t you buy MY hash calendar?  Since I don’t have customers to provide my content, my calendar doesn’t list ANY events!  It’s devoid of content!  I won’t even send you the piece of paper it’s not printed on!  You’ll get NOTHING for your money!  This is a limited time offer, so whip out your checkbook before it’s too late!

On On,
Flying Booger

Mr. McDowell’s counter-response is about what I expected.  I am unfit to criticize him because I no longer edit and publish a hash calendar (and even when I did, it was a pathetic and insignificant calendar compared to his), etc, etc. . . .

I swear, the amount of time that charlatan spends sitting at a computer typing odes to himself, he could produce the best hash calendar in the world.  I should know, I used to produce that calendar myself.  And I didn’t do it by waiting for my readers to post events for me . . . I did it by looking for and finding out about upcoming hash events, then typing them into the calendar by myself. If I could do it, he certainly can.

If he really cared about informing the hash, he would.  But he won’t.  The only thing he cares about is being famous.

Well, he’s famously arrogant, that’s for sure.  Who else would think it a stroke of genius to berate his own customers for not doing his work for him, then turn around (in the same e-mail yet!) and try to sell them an incomplete hash calendar, one that doesn’t even list Interhash, the most important hashing event of 2008?  A calendar which, as a matter of fact, lists just 25 events for all of 2008?  And then have the nerve to call it an “Interhash calendar“?

My head explodes!

In Mr. McDowell’s world, there is no shame.

Update (1/12/08): You know what?  Fuck him.  I think I’ll start doing a hash calendar again.  I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

Update (1/27/08): Now that the Half-Mind HHH Events Calendar is back, Mr. McDowell’s putting more effort into his own calendar, and it’s much improved.  I guess it’s true, what they say about competition . . . it keeps the other guy on his toes.

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