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Hashing: Are We a Family? Hell, Yes.

Most of you by now have heard the sad story of Las Vegas hasher Bloody Asshole, mortal name Ron Kirk. When he went missing earlier this year, concerned family members contacted Ron’s known friends, several of whom are hashers.  Members of the Las Vegas Hash House Harriers went looking for him.

They found Ron’s car near a rugged wilderness area west of Las Vegas, where he had apparently gone hiking or climbing, as he often did. The hashers who found the car alerted the police and got an official search going. But they didn’t stop there. Canceling scheduled hashes and organizing search teams, members of LVH3 fanned out across the wilderness area looking for Ron. Almost a month later, as hashers continued the search, hikers found Ron’s body. He had apparently fallen from the top of a peak.

At least now Ron’s family and friends know how he met his end and are at peace. His memorial service was held last week, and a representative of LVH3 was invited to speak at it.

Last night I saw this letter to the hash, sent by Ron’s brother. It says a lot about hashing, underlining many of the things that make hashers, in my opinion, the very best friends a person could have. I print it here in its entirety:

There will never be another Ron Kirk. No way. With that said, I would like to thank Ron’s nationwide family of “Hash House Harriers” You have been so very good to our mutual brother Ron, and you have been so good to our family though all of this. Thank you so very much. After spending so much time with you all over the last couple of months, I can truly say I could trust my life to anyone of you. When I say the Hash House Harriers are a family, I don’t use this term loosely.

Again, there will never be another Ron Kirk, but I would like to say after spending so much time with you all, that Ron Kirk was a Hash House Harrier, and the Hash House Harriers are Ron Kirk. What do I mean by this? Well, you all are a lot like Ron Kirk. Did Ron mold the group in his image? Who knows, he was pretty powerful. No, I think the Hash House Harriers draw in like minds and personalities like Ron’s. You all share and loves the things Ron loved. All I know for sure is that you are all he ever talked about and now your are the only thing our family and Las Vegas talks about. What a gift you all have in this group, of course you knew that very well already.

You are School Teachers, Federal Judges, Construction Workers, Air Force Instructors, Air Force Drone Pilots. Some of you love horses, reading, etc. But all of you have an intense love of people, especially hashers.

Most important, you Hash House Harriers, is the fact that you never judge a person in any way, shape, or form. Never. And did I say never? Yes, never. There are no cliques, biases, groups, etc. etc. etc. Well, maybe never, there is “Team Green” !!! You are such an amazing bunch of people and in the end the ones who answered our family’s call to search for Ron late on a Sunday night. Some of you left work for search for Ron that night, other left the comfort of a warm house, etc. You knew where your brother hiked and as usual you coordinated with one another across the country and in Las Vegas and each of you went your separate ways looking for Ron. You found his jeep less than an hour later and due to this, called 911 and had Las Vegas Metropolitan Search and Rescue helicopters in the air within minutes. I hope you are proud of all that you have done, even though you say your brother Ron would have done the same for you.

We love you so much and don’t know what we would have done without you.

Damn Arizona dust storm … I’ve got something in my eye.

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