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Booger’s Hash Bag

A couple of items that have been bouncing around in the bottom of the bag:

Hops, he of Red Dress Run fame, shares my disdain for the widely-used “Drinking Club with a Running Problem” motto.  It’s certainly true hashers drink (most of us, anyway).  It’s certainly true we traditionally have beer after a trail.  But hashing isn’t just about drinking, and that motto, I feel, sends the wrong message and attracts the wrong kind of attention.

What especially bothers me … I’ve blogged about it before … is that the motto isn’t unique to the hash.  Not only do all kinds of groups and clubs call themselves “drinking clubs with a (you-name-it) problem,” we weren’t even the first to come up with it.  As best I can determine, we copied it from the Boozefighters MC, one of the first outlaw motorcycle clubs.

Why can’t we have our own damn motto?  Hops’ proposal: “World’s Largest Running Club.”

World’s Largest Running Club.  I like it.  I like it a lot.  It puts the emphasis where it belongs, and better yet, it happens to be true!  (update: see comments below)


Last month I was contacted by a former Tulsa hasher who had moved to Tucson and, not knowing there were any hashes or bashes in town, started a weekly bash with a small group of friends who, like him, didn’t know about the rest of us.

I’m delighted there’s a new bash in town, because it means more bashing for me and my friends … our Pedalfiles Bash meets only once a month … but here’s what I don’t get: how could he not know there were hashes and bashes in Tucson?

When I started the Half-Mind Catalog in 1995, the HMC was the only online source for hash contact information.  If you wanted to find hash kennels in towns and cities around the world you had to either find a copy of Magic’s Directory or get on someone’s computer to check the HMC.

Later, other hash webmasters began putting up lists of contacts, and eventually we developed the worldwide network of national and regional H3 contact sites that’s been in place for years now.  Not only that, today almost every H3 kennel in the world has its own website or Facebook page … making the H3 contact sites seem somewhat old-fashioned and obsolete.  If I want to know whether there’s a hash in Buenos Aires, I don’t go to the contact sites any more … I Google it.  Sorry, Ra (Ra is my successor at the HMC), but I think we’re about to discover what happened to the dinosaurs!

My question is, how did this hasher, in the Age of Google, not know there were hash kennels in Tucson?  Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain … obviously at some point he figured it out, and now I have another bash to ride with!


A couple of months ago ShakesQueer from the Daytona Beach H3 wrote to me about an incident with the local police.  We’ve all had run-ins with the law, and as long as no one gets seriously busted they make for good circle stories.  ShakesQueer took it a step further and filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the Daytona Beach Police Department audio files.  After editing out non-hash-related radio chatter, he sent along an interesting MP3 clip of the police following flour while looking for a “walking group.”  Give it a listen by clicking on the image below:

Daytona Beach PD audio file (mp3)

ShakesQueer also mentioned it was a good thing the police didn’t look under a certain bridge, because if they had they’d almost certainly have arrested the beer angels manning a DBH3 shot check.  If that had happened, those beer angels could have used this handy ACLU pocket checklist, titled What to Do if You’re Stopped by Police, Immigration Agents, or the FBI:

ACLU reference card for hashers in trouble

Hey, I can think of a few times I could have used this … I’m printing it and putting a copy in my hash bag!

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6 comments to Booger’s Hash Bag

  • Just in from a San Francisco area hasher, probably the first of many objections to the “world’s largest running club” motto suggestion:

    ” … while I have no problem doing away with ‘drinking club with a running problem’ using ‘World’s Largest Running Club’ leaves me cold. Talk about blah, at least let’s settle on something with some pizzazz. Not only that but that motto is going to attract RUNNERS who put exercise in front of fun. My experience is when the racers and mileage maniacs start showing up the hash becomes just ANOTHER running club.”

    Good point. Any other comments, fellow hashers?

  • Pampers

    Worlds largest running club? Nah… Even though I used that with my chat to Conde Nast last week it’s not right. World’s largest social running club maybe?

    Yes, the drinking club with a running problem isn’t exclusively ours, but I’ve never seen it used by another association in the UK, so I’m still OK with it. And I always have thought that the circle and the beers is what distances us from “running” clubs.

    As for your point about the contact sites, I can’t disagree more! For starters, where has the information been sourced for the printed directory for the last few Interhashes? Where do you go to find out regional hash events? What about people making media enquiries go? What about information about new hashes, news etc.?

    Several hundred people a month use the postcode search on the UK site, using your example it would be fine locating a search in Buenos Aires (probably not the best place for a Brit to be right now, but I digress….) won’t necessarily return a hash that is on the periphery of the city or in a close neighbourhood which my site would.

    Biased? Of course! But I’m hoping to head Stateside next year and the first place I’ll use to find a hash will be Ra’s information.

    - Pampers

  • Pampers, thanks for recharging my motivational batteries! You know, some of the things I say in posts like this one are meant to spark discussion, and I’m delighted to see hashers talking about some of the points here. I’ll have to cross-post this one to Hashspace (although truth be told, Hashspace is something like a bottomless pit — you throw a provocative idea down the hole and you never hear it hit bottom, much less get any sort of feedback). As for the motto, I still hate drinking club, but I also see the weakness of the other and think it could be strengthened somehow. It needs to convey hashing’s raffish, underground, fun nature.

  • Everything Butt Sex

    I run with the Voodoo H3 and NOH3 in New Orleans. Every year New Orleans H3 has a red dress run with 9,000 people signing up. An easy 2,000-5,000 people who don’t register, just show up on Bourbon Street wearing red dresses. 12,000-15,000 people participate in this event every year. I still run into people on a weekly basis who have no idea what hashing is. People who have gone to the red dress run have no idea what hashing is. People who used NOH3′s website to sign up for the red dress run have no idea what hashing is. I honestly have no idea how this is possible, but it is.

    I have agree with the San Francisco hasher’s comment on “world’s largest running club.” The hash is more of a fraternity. It isn’t just a running club. You have friendships, bonds, traditions, drama. I go to a running club on Monday’s. I talk about my favorite shoes, personal records, upcoming races, and old injuries. You’ll have that same vibe and conversations at all running clubs. That isn’t the hash.

    As for a new motto. I’d have to dwell on that for a little while.

  • Pampers

    San Francisco hasher?!

    I might have been there once, but my town’s beach points in the other direction and is a bit colder :)

  • BTW, “San Francisco hasher” is Tongueless of the Gypsies in the Palace H3 … he said it was okay to use his name, so it’s not like I’m outing him!

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