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Mysterious White Powder Hits the Blogosphere

Hashers who read this blog probably could give two shits, but there are – unlike me – some extremely influencial bloggers on teh internets.  At least two of them, Radley Balko (a former hasher!) and Juan Cole, have picked up on the hashers-busted-in-Connecticut story I wrote about in my last entry.

Here’s an excerpt from Radley Balko’s entry at The Agitator:

. . . two hashers were arrested this past weekend for marking a trail with flour through an Ikea parking lot in New Haven. I suppose the initial overreaction is somewhat understandable, though a cursory investigation should have told police this wasn’t a terrorist attack. That they’re now being charged with felonies is sheer idiocy. Why can’t local officials ever just admit that they screwed up? Someone’s always gotta’ pay.

And here are some excerpts from Juan Cole’s entry at Balloon Juice:

This is the real legacy of the last 7 years- a nation so whipped up into a frenzy over terrorism that you, me, anyone could be charged with a felony as long as some hysterical bedwetter somewhere thought we were committing an act of terrorism in our daily life. The Salchow’s are just lucky they are white. If they had biked back to the scene wearing brown skin and attempted to make their way through the crowd to talk to the cops, they probably would have been shot.

[ . . . ]

It is absurd. You are safe. I am safe. This nation is safe. Quit being such a damned pussy. All of you.

Amen, big-league bloggers.  Amen.

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