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Hare Line Fever (Part II)

As I predicted in an earlier entry, mismanagement wants to pull the plug on the telephone hotline.  I’m not surprised, and, to tell the truth, not even disappointed.  It’ll be less work for me, that’s for sure.  If the hash decides, at some future date, that it wants a telephone hotline after all, it’s not a difficult thing to set up.

If I were doing it over again – setting up a hash hotline – I’d make recording run announcements a hare responsibility.  A lot of hashes do it that way.  There’s no middleman, and it’s nice to hear different voices making the announcements.  Chances are, though, that this particular hotline is dead for keeps.

On to this morning’s bike hash – what a blast!  The first section of trail was uphill, followed by a nice downhill section with lots of curves, followed by a great beer check, followed by a straight run down established bike paths to the finish.  Not bad for a last-minute trail.

Would you believe I broke a spoke on trail this morning?  I didn’t know what was up, just that my bike felt draggy coming into the beer check, almost like I was squeezing a brake handle except I wasn’t.  Wheeling my bike out of the bar after the beer check, I saw that the rear wheel was in fact rubbing against the brake pads.  From there I quickly realized I’d broken a spoke, warping the wheel.  Fixable, thank G, and I’ll be back on two wheels in a day or two.  On On!

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