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Harriers Mash Trash: 4/24/11

Regroup in Sonoita, Arizona

In keeping with the grand tradition of Harriers MCH3, Flying Booger picked the perfect meeting place for today’s mash: a restaurant that was closed for Easter Sunday.  Joining FB in the deserted parking lot were Asshole in El Paso, Wankers Aweigh, Hot Legs, and Humpin’ One Dalmatian.

We decided to put off the planned Mount Lemon run until it gets hotter, hitting the road for Tombstone instead.  We rode scenic Highway 83 through the Santa Rita Mountains to to Sonoita, then turned left on Highway 82 toward Tombstone, delayed only slightly by a motorcycle-unfriendly stoplight in the bustling metropolis of Whetstone.

Our Tombstone destination was Big Nose Kate’s, where we had liquid refreshments and burgers, steering clear of the infamous Reuben sandwich, reported by Humpin’ to induce gastric distress.  No one spewed on the way home, so it looks like the burgers were safe for human consumption.  We were entertained by a rootin’-tootin’ six-gun totin’ cowpoke with a Long Island accent, but hey, even Wyatt Earp originally came from back East, didn’t he?

At Big Nose Kate's in Tombstone, Arizona

Homeward bound we rode north on Highway 80 to St. David and Benson, then took I-10 back to Tucson.  The ride home was windy as hell, and I don’t know about El Paso, Wankers, and Hot Legs, but Humpin’ and I were busy dodging dust devils most of the way back.  Trust me, you do not want to ride into a dust devil … not only can they blow you across four lanes of freeway, some of them things have flying rocks inside!

The next Harriers MC mash will be Sunday, May 22, at 9:00 AM.  Wankers Aweigh is leading.  The start location and other details will be posted at OnOnTucson.com.

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