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World Hash Directory, 14th Edition

Back in the day, hashers treasured hard-to-get copies of Tim “Magic” Hughes’ World Hash Handbook & Directory.  After Magic’s death in 1998, the webmasters of the regional and national hash directory sites pooled their efforts to keep the directory alive.

Coordinated by Australia national webmaster D2HD, using information supplied by other regional and national webmasters, every InterHash committee since IH 1998 in Kuala Lumpur has produced a print directory.  The latest directory, from IH 2010 in Kuching, is now on-line.  To view a .pdf version of the printed directory, just click on the graphic to the left.

Like everything in hashing, whether or not we still need a printed directory is open for debate.

Arguments for:

  • Hashers in significant parts of the world are still living in the print age
  • Even hashers who have computers and internet access at home often travel without, and can still use a print directory

Arguments against:

  • Wherever you live or travel, you can probably find an internet cafe
  • InterHash attendees would rather see their rego money spent on more important things, like beer
  • Info on websites is fresher; info in printed directories is out of date as soon as it’s published

I’m prejudiced in favor of print directories.  I was one of the regional & national webmasters who helped get the post-Magic directory going.  I feel naked and unprepared if I don’t have a printed directory in my hash bag.  I for one am glad D2HD is such a stubborn get, and I hope future InterHash committees continue to publish print directories.

- Flying Booger says, “If I can’t touch it, it probably doesn’t exist.

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