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Halfway There — All They Need Is a Push

Okay, now that we know they have beer, how long before someone gets his or her ass up there to organize the first hash?  Hazukashii, you busy?

From the Korean Central News Agency:

Beer Popular among Koreans

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) — The technological updating of the Taedonggang Beer Factory here has made rapid progress, doubling its production capacity as compared with that at its outset. As a result, both draft beer and bottled beer are now being supplied to the capital city and various provinces on a regular basis.

The factory built in Juche 91 (2002) set up several more fermentation and storing tanks and the process for the production of hop granules as required by the new century. It is also fitted with nitrogen generation and barley sorting and other equipment.

It developed new varieties of beer and built a new intermediary process to improve its quality. Best quality beer of new varieties such as peculiar rice beer and black beer have been developed and production and management are fully controlled by computers.

Taedonggang beer has reached the world standard in terms of more than 10 universally recognized quality indices and storage including hygienic security, alcohol, color and purity.

It received a certificate of ISO 9001 in 2008.

Taedonggang beer is popular among Koreans for making the drinkers cool and refreshing and for its high degree of fermentation and mildness and pure and peculiar taste.

More than 150 beer parlors in different parts of Pyongyang are alive with customers everyday.

And here’s a candid photo of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il making himself cool and refreshing with a couple of pure & peculiar Taedonggangs — bottoms up!

Starving the masses is thirsty work!

- Flying Booger says Kim’s a pussy.  Real men drink their Taedonggangs commando!

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