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World’s Largest

Sent by my friend Davey Crotchitt:

World's largest on-on foot

This on-on foot was created by Dicksickle and Schlong of the Big Heads H3 (Black Hills, South Dakota) for a trail on May 22, 2010.  Some other details, provided by Davey:

  • Length – 150 yards
  • Width – approx 50 yards
  • Materials – 600 yards of plastic tablecloth
  • Time to build – approx 4 hours
  • Time to remove – approx 1.5 hours

That’s awesome & extremely hashlike, even approaching a state of pure hash enlightenment!  My only question . . . what is this “remove” you speak of, hasher Crotchitt?

- Flying Booger’s feet seem suddenly small . . .

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2 comments to World’s Largest

  • Ingrid Larssen

    Hi Flying Booger,

    Great hash-foot and great picture. I’m just curious – how was the picture taken? By a hasher flying a helicopter?


  • Davey


    Negative! Although there are a few pilots on the Big Heads’ hash roster, this pic was taken from trail, on the peak above the foot (Shaken Not Stirred with a camera on the trail). Check out the slideshow on the Big Heads web page for the rest of the story: http://www.bigheadsh3.com

    Davey Crotchit

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