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Harriers Mash Trash: 5/23/10

Sunday dawned warm & sunny, the perfect morning for a Harriers MCH3 Mash (Motorcycle hASH). The usual suspects met at the Triple T Truck Stop south of Tucson: Redheaded Woodpecker (our hare), Asshole in El Paso, No Name Ian, and Flying Booger. The only things out of the ordinary this Sunday were the early start time (8:00 AM) and the cops who kept asking us if we’d seen a guy in a red shirt. Good thing none of us was wearing red, ’cause the cops were looking pretty hard for the guy, cruising the Triple T parking lot and neighboring fields. We decided to get the hell out of there before the shooting started, so we followed Redheaded Woodpecker out of the lot and onto I-10, heading east for Dragoon.

Woodpecker had heard of a place to eat in Dragoon, virgin territory for the Harriers MCH3 (I didn’t even know there was a town — I thought Dragoon was just the name of the freeway exit). We rolled up at 9:00 AM only to find that the cafe didn’t open until 10:00 AM, so El Paso took point and led us on a tour of Sun Sites and the Cochise Stronghold, where we got our lesson for the day (see, there was this Apache chief, Cochise, and he held out in the Dragoon Mountains after leading an uprising back in the 1860s. If you’re interested, this Wikipedia link has more information on Cochise, and a couple of nice photos of the Dragoon area.

We doubled back to Dragoon and had chicken & pecan burritos at the cafe, then hit the interstate back to Tucson. Here we are in front of the cafe (click on the photo to enlarge):

Harriers MCH3 in Dragoon, Arizona (l to r: Redheaded Woodpecker, Flying Booger, No Name Ian, Asshole in El Paso)

Next month: I’m thinking Kitt Peak, unless someone else wants to hare.

Thanks, Woodpecker, for finding this place and introducing the rest of us to chicken & pecan burritos. Truth? They’re damn good!

Addendum from Redheaded Woodpecker, via Hashspace, 5/25/10: “FB – I noticed that the MC blog was slightly incomplete. Three items, the earth fissure, the show pigs (certainly some sort of hash event) and the maybe you saw the guy along side his car on I10 bent over at the waist spewing a ungodly amount of pink/burgandy liquid. Did not recognize him although he was obviously a hasher.”

Can’t believe I forgot these three items. On the road between Dragoon and Sun Sites there’s a warning sign that says “Caution: Earth Fissure.” You can bet your ass we all slowed down for that. Nearby was a sign advertising show pigs, which struck us as a contradiction in terms. And indeed on the way home there was a guy vomiting copiously on the shoulder of I-10, either blood or Boone’s Farm, and I’m betting the latter.  You see that much shit in one day, you don’t soon forget it.

- From now on, Flying Booger is putting pecans in every recipe!

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